Microsoft’s Big Blunder at Build 2019 during the HoloLens 2 live demo

At the Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference, which it calls its “premier developer conference”, things didn’t quite as planned. Microsoft was going to show off the historical Apollo 11 moon landing on its HoloLens 2 with a live demo in front of the audience.

By combing Augmented Reality and the power of Unreal Engine, the entire moon landing was to be recreated. For John Knoll of Industrial Light and Magic and space historian Andy Chaikin, who was present at the stage, it was supposed to be exactly like the test run. Except, nothing happened.

Things looked smooth as both of our hosts introduced themselves on the stage, But as soon as Chaikin started to talk about Apollo 11 and took a step back in the anticipation of the 3D model of the spacecraft to appear, things went wrong. The dramatic music queued in the background but the Apollo 11 just didn’t appear on the screen. The hosts were truly left embarrassed.

Chaikin, with laughter, said: “Well, it seems that doing a live demo is harder than landing on the moon.” To which Knoll replied, “Indeed.” They thanked us for our time and then politely walked away off the stage. You can actually watch the blunder right here.

But fear not as Unreal Engine was quick to actually upload the practice video of the session.

Here you can see the entire moon landing in quite a 21st-century style with all the glory of the HoloLens 2. The textures look absolutely stunning and after watching this, we have some spectacularly high expectations from the HoloLens 2.


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Microsoft’s Big Blunder at Build 2019 during the HoloLens 2 live demo, Tech chums