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Music Industry to ask Fortnite to pay royalties for featuring popular music.

, Music Industry to ask Fortnite to pay royalties for featuring popular music., Tech chums

After the popular EDM artist and DJ, Marshmello held a virtual concert over the popular battle-royale video game, Fortnite, people in the music industry are seeking for legal framework to seek copyright for songs featured in video games.

Gaming is one of the largest booming industries which attracts huge masses. Fortnite recently became a full sensation. PRS for Music is a body that ensures that songwriters, composers, and publishers are paid in the UK whenever their work is featured anywhere across the glove.

The body collected $ 11.2 tn worth of royalties from various performances like TV Shows, Downloads and streaming services. This was an increase of over 70% from 2017. The music body has also begun collecting revenues from various social media platforms and thus Gaming was sooner or later going to be a target for them.

Robert Ashcroft who is the chief executive of PRS for Music said that they’re looking into this subject and considering if licensing deals must be struck for music used in popular games, especially Fortnite.

European Union had last month voted upon its copyright law and Ashcroft believes that this law will open the doors for the music royalty revenue in gaming as well. “Royalties from international and digital continue to underpin our growth,” Ashcroft said.

Music has largely been going digital and this has benefited a ton of digital music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. PRS for Music has already struck a deal with Youtube Music.

This growth is also going to benefit the creators in the form of royalties which are rising at a rapid rate as the music is getting popular worldwide. What do you think? Is this move necessary?

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