Narrowing gulf between iOS and macOS. Unveiling macOS Catalina’s first look

Following today’s wrapping of Apple’s WWDC lecture, the designers came to writing meetings and the media came up mostly. As it occurs, we subsequently had the opportunity in personal demos to see most of the latest software in practice, Importantly, about
MacOS Catalina.

First, a significant caveat: these demonstrations have been directed and hands-off, which means that we have not yet had the opportunity to mount the software on our own computers and use it as our regular engine. But it’s useful to have had an opportunity to see these Operating Systems in use until these systems release in beta this autumn, apart from what came out to be a crowded, fast-moving event. You can readily blink and forget a hint of a fresh function when Apple is demoing software on point, or completely forget how it truly operates.

MacOS Catalina and three of its most noteworthy characteristics:

  • Sidecar (for using an iPad as a secondary screen);
  • Project Catalyst (enabling designers to readily portiOS applications to Mac); and
  • Voice Control, enabling individuals with restricted flexibility to fully access the voice command operating system.

Obviously, this weekend we will be home with a beta test, accompanied in the autumn by a full evaluation of the complete and ultimate software. For now, appreciate the additional graphics and try out our comparable iOS 13 and the “fresh” (i.e. dubbed) iPadOS therapy when you’re finished.


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Narrowing gulf between iOS and macOS. Unveiling macOS Catalina’s first look, Tech chums