NBA Live 20 has been postponed for EA’s FY20 Q3

Today, EA announced that NBA Live 20 will still be released, but it has been postponed for EA’s FY20 Q3, which implies that the game will be released from 1 to 31 December 2019.

NBA Live is not a Flagship EA Sports game like FIFA and Madden, and the company’s history is tumultuous. 

The steps are taken favorably by NBA Live 19 last year, however, have given fans hope that the show will be back. Now it seems that with the pro-basketball franchise something might be wrong or altering.

An EA Sports spokesman said to GameSpot that NBA Live is going to be distinct, but if this is the reason for the delay, this will not be evident.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said today in an earnings call that EA stays committed to doing basketball games and that with any fresh installment, the NBA Live series improves. He also recognized it but hadn’t confirmed or denied anything that NBA Live 20 would be a free play title.

This delay in NBA Live 20 is a great thing because it implies that the game will start a while on the 6th of September after competition NBA 2K20. NBA Live 19 and NBA 2K19 were both launched the same week in 2019.

EA indicated that this year’s NBA Live might change something when it published an update on the NBA Live 19 roster that matches all wild off-season trades. Many were wondering if that would be canceled at NBA Live 20, with players taking precise rosters for the last game instead. It still appears that EA intends to publish NBA Live 20, but it appears to be a non-traditional release.

Madden NFL 20, which comes on August 2nd, is EA Sports ‘ next large release. After that, in September FIFA 20 and NHL 20 will start.

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NBA Live 20 has been postponed for EA’s FY20 Q3, Tech chums