Nexar Live Map will show you the Street View with Pictures taken a few minutes ago.

Maps, today have become an irreplaceable part of our travel ventures. No new trips are ever possible without following the map street and directions to our destination. But the information we see includes old images and most of them are vague. A lot of streets are blocked without the notice of the GPS.

Nexar solves the problem for us. The maker of dashcam apps and cameras uses images from street taken a few minutes ago. The Live Map essentially is a combination of dashcam and Google’s Street View. 

Nexar sells dashcam and provides an app that turns your device into a Dashcam. The business is going well where thousands of active users on the streets of major cities. The nodes end functions smoothly where information flows from one to another regarding traffic Snarls, potholes, construction, and so on, a report by TechCrunch informs. 

According to co-founder and CTO Bruno Fernandez- Ruiz, the team planned a community where they will enable the trading of video and sharing data derived through automatic analysis of their imagery. This feature is not publicly available. 

The reason for it being limited to a particular community is Privacy. It will easily put people into tracking where the other person has been a few minutes ago. 

Presently the Web interface is limited to the New York City. The company has enough logs of several other areas in the US but slower launch helps it identify the issues and opportunities. An API is due for a release. 

It features a computer vision algorithm to identify traffic, images, signals, and signs. It is updated every time a car with Nexar node passes by the street. It happens to be a street view and not a 360-degree vision. The resolution of the picture is also not impressive. It is simple to let you know what is on the street and not for zooming into the street address. 

The system blurs face before exposing it to public view. License plates are also blurred so that neither cars nor people are tracked from place to place. Any frames near the house or destination are also obscured by the group to ensure complete data privacy. Seems like, the panel had a good discussion on the negatives of the service and has tried its best to eliminate them and reduce the disadvantages to an impressive extent.

It is similar to browsing in a real-time where you feel more like a human experiencing a street and its stretch. Google will present a red line to show that the street is blocked but Nexar will exactly show you the car which has blocked the street. It will develop your curiosity on what the world looks like, something that you don’t do every day. 

The images are apparently like 24×7 surveillance but the information is restricted to the user. This data that remains with the company before blurring the nameplates and car numbers or faces can be of great use to the Government officials to track a crime or fond relevant hints to it. Sometimes tech can be a boon beyond measure and we always appreciate having some more improvement in the positive section. 


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Nexar Live Map will show you the Street View with Pictures taken a few minutes ago., Tech chums