Ninja’s first day at Microsoft’s Mixer broke his record at Twitch with the App getting to the top on iOS App Store.

The popular streamer at twitch, Ninja Belvins has left Twitch for Mixer with a public announcement. There on his first day of streaming at Mixer, he gained half a million subscriptions which pushed the Mixer App to the top if iOS App store. He hosted his first-ever Fortnite Stream from Microsoft’s Lollapalooza. There were a lot many fans who make up a large part of the crowd and there were even more, watching him stream online.

Ninja broke up with Twitch on August 1st which had heavy repercussions on the streaming which was much greater than just where his videos were hosted. Ninja happened to be one of the star streamers at Twitch who’s displacement has made the future of the organization obscure, especially at a time when the question on the future was prevalent.  

Just a day after leaving Twitch, Ninja was able to grab a huge fan following of 500,000 subscribers on Mixer, which happens to be more than that he had over Twitch. At the peak, he had 250,000 subscribers in March 2018 and this time the number has doubled. 

According to a report by ScreenRant, Twitch has introduced subscribers only stream that has become controversial since that ad-free version can be seen only by the paying customers. When seen in contrast, Mixer has provided a free subscription to Ninja’s Channel as a token of welcome to Mixer. This becomes interesting to notice how many will stick to his channel once the promotion period ends and the free subscription is evoked.

The mixer has been significantly benefited by the arrival of Ninja, where the app arouses to the top-ranked free application on Apple’s Storefront with all perks and credits that the trending app receives. This was indeed a win-win situation on both sides as Ninja made the decision. Additionally, the streamer was criticized for his clothing. By Mixer’s standards,

a family-friendly stream must meet the standard of “clothing must cover [the] entire visible body from a few inches above the bust-line. It cannot be strapless and should show little to no cleavage.” Similarly, a teen stream is allowed to show “more than a hint of cleavage,” but clothing must still be strapless and cover “the entire body.” 

Supporters have claimed support for Ninja. A tweet states:

ok so I’m reading about the mixer clothing rules and I am honestly dying lol what is with this weird shit about strapless tops not being “family-friendly”??? anyone who actually thinks that is just stupid. it’s just SHOULDERS, PEOPLE”.

Amid the air of support and criticism, the streamer is passing through the Mixer story. All we hope is the best for the achiever and wish him all success in his endeavors at the new organization.


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Ninja’s first day at Microsoft’s Mixer broke his record at Twitch with the App getting to the top on iOS App Store., Tech chums