Nintendo Switch update allows you transfer downloaded games to an SD card

The latest update for the Nintendo Switch console is available now that allows you to transfer all your downloaded games to an SD card and thus you can free up space. Like the previous Nintendo Switch update, this one is bringing big changes.

Now you can bookmark new items on your console’s home screen.You can bookmark up to 300 new and later view them without any internet connectivity.

Not only the ability to move data to SD card and bookmarking news items but also users now can remap buttons on their controller.

The most awaited feature of the newest Nintendo Switch update is the migration of games to SD card and users were looking for this feature for a long time. Previously, if your internal storage was overloaded and you wanted to offload games and updates to an SD card, then your only option was to redownload them. But now this new attire makes it pretty easy.

Another notable modification in the latest update is the accessibility of the gameplay for many people as you are able to remap the controller button. As per the patch notes, the configuration can be customized for these controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. On each system, up to five configurations can be changed and five configurations also saved as favorites for the lite version of Nintendo Switch.

Your system will get the update automatically or you can get it manually.



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Nintendo Switch update allows you transfer downloaded games to an SD card, Tech chums