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Nintendo updating the older switch console models with a new design.

, Nintendo updating the older switch console models with a new design., Tech chums
Source: GamesRadar

Did you recently got your hands on a Nintendo Switch? Learn what you might be able to “trade Nintendo for the new and better battery life model”. 

According to Reddit users, Nintendo representatives informed that anyone who purchased a Nintendo Switch after July 17 this year, will be eligible to get it exchanged it for a renewed Nintendo Switch, which has got better battery life.

As per Digital Trends, they called Nintendo customer service ourselves to get some specifics. “While the representative confirmed the offer exists, they weren’t able to provide any concrete details. We also reached out to Nintendo PR for more details.”

Based on what customers have been reporting since the information is out if you’re eligible for the offer, you’ll have to send your Switch to Nintendo for the exchange. All you have to do is call up the executive at Nintendo customer service, a representative will confirm your purchase date of the console and will forward you an email attached with instructions on where to send the console.

The up-gradation of the console will be done for no extra charge but you will have to take care of the shopping charge. Critics comment,” So it’s not entirely free, but it’s still a nice offer for those who bought the Switch right before the new model started popping up in stores.”

The back information denotes that there’s the chance lurking around that you bought the old Nintendo Switch without realizing it. The word “new” or anything like that doesn’t appear on the upgraded Switch’s packaging. Instead, you have to pay attention to the box.

The old Switch came in a box with a white background, while the new one has that of red. If you tossed your box, you can check the serial number. Revised Switch serial numbers start with XKW.

“It would appear that many people will be eligible for this offer. Retailers are still selling the original Switch both online and in stores. It’s unclear how long this offer will be available, though.” 

states Digital Trends.

The revised Switch has been considered to be holding in a better processor and memory. however, the improvements only translate to better battery life.

Nintendo claims the revised Switch can run 4.5 to 9 hours between charges, while the old model ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 hours. If you’re eligible for the offer, trading for better battery life is probably worth the shipping cost and wait time.

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