Now Whatsapp story can be shared on Facebook!

Now can share your WhatsApp status on Facebook with the new smart share option featured by Whatsapp. Why only Facebook? You can also share your status over Instagram, Gmail, Google photos and more such apps.

Starting today, WhatsApp’s beta program users will be able to see a new sharing option under their status. This will share their status to their Facebook story or share with other apps like Instagram, Gmail, or Google Photos. 

WhatsApp Status, Facebook and Instagram Stories allow you to post images, and videos on your profile that appears to your selected contacts for a span of 24 hours. 

 WhatsApp tells The Verge that one’s account won’t be linked on the two services while sharing rather WhatsApp will use the same iOS and Android data-sharing APIs as every other app. This denotes that data will be transferred between two apps on the device. 

Now Whatsapp story can be shared on Facebook!, Tech chums
Source: The Verge

If you share data to another service like Instagram, the two posts will be distinct events in either apps systems, and they will not be linked. There will be no service to automatically share WhatsApp status to Facebook as it is in Instagram unless it is a voluntary take of the account owner.

WhatsApp has been cautious about sharing information with Facebook. In 2014, it had declared not to function in association with Facebook. In 2016, WhatsApp seemed too blurry out of the restriction. Facebook initially had issues with Whatsapp sharing plans which lead to a mess but was resolved with breaking of the deal.

No matter what, we are getting smart features on our social media handles that will make our sharing stories more easy on different platforms.


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Now Whatsapp story can be shared on Facebook!, Tech chums