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Nvidia Shield TV makes a supposed appearance along with Remote and Dongle on FCC listing with the updated chipset.

, Nvidia Shield TV makes a supposed appearance along with Remote and Dongle on FCC listing with the updated chipset., Tech chums
Source: Pocket Lint

New Nvidia Shield TV model will be shipped soon as per the listing on FCC. the product has been named as “Nvidia Corporation Shield Android TV Game console P3430” on the list. 

The device has a Tegra X1 T210 B01 processor that already appears to have been present in the New Nintendo Switch Lite as well as the updated Switch with extended battery life. 

The name has been listed after a new Shield Tv variant appeared on Google Play developer console the previous month, According to The Verge. The features and specs are not yet revealed or portrayed anywhere. The dates of release or official announcement have not got entailed on any platform of crucial information but it can be well predicted that the Tegra chip will make the device more power-efficient, compact in size and capable of providing superfast service speed. The combination of all the three great features would be a huge delight to witness but since not much is known about it we will not discuss that much.  

As per 9to5Google, the listing might essentially hint that the release could be around the corner. The Nvidia 3rd generation Android TV is on the way but no images of the hardware or particularities of software have been released. On a tweet by @AndroidTV_Rumor, it was revealed that a new Shield TV remote has also popped up on the FCC updated list with model number 2P3700 where the FCC listing for 2017 hardware of Shield, P2897 has been updated. Illustration within the two listings hints that P3430 could be a Shield TV dongle. This indicates a potential refresh to the hardware design. 

In a few prior leaks, it was known that the new Nvidia Shield TV will be a minor update under the code name ”mdarcy”. Any minor or major update will be welcomed by the market since the quality being hunted has been superior compared to previous ones. 

Android Pie will be shipping with the new hardware and updated peripherals might also be included in the box. Nvidia might be following the 2017 pattern for 2020 release where the news of new Nvidia arrived at CES in January. The listings that are particularly confidential to FCC are kept for 180 days which might suggest that the release will happen shortly. 


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