Paid subscription for Mozilla Firefox is on its way

We have been able to count on one important piece of software being accessed completely free of charge for more than a century: internet browsers. But that may alter in the near future. Kind of. In the Next Web-spotted interview with German publican, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said sometime in the fall of this year a premium Firefox is on its manner.

What separates Premium Firefox from Old Firefox regularly? Basically, storage capabilities for VPN and cloud. The responses from Beard sounded more hypothetical in detail than the announcement of guaranteed characteristics, but he gave some insight into what a premium Firefox could offer. Beard gave an instance of a hypothetical scenario in which a customer wished to do some online banking over public wifi. That consumer would receive “some quantity of free VPN bandwidth, and then provide a premium level over a monthly subscription.”

Last year, Mozilla partnered with ProtonVPN to give the choice to purchase a subscription at $10 per month to a tiny, randomized group of U.S. customers. At the moment, Mozilla defined it as part of an “exploring[e] fresh, extra income sources that align with [ its] mission” method. Firefox’s talk of a premium level seems to be a natural evolution from this experiment.

On the one side, excellent job, Mozilla, to think about ways to incorporate much-needed characteristics and simplify the use of a high-quality VPN — something most individuals should do but not out of laziness, cheapness or absence of resources.

But if you’re a pessimist, you could read ominous undertones in premium Firefox as browsers begin pivoting towards becoming yet another subscription service as rivals of Chrome attempt to whittle away at its dominance. And if it were to take off, a subscription model change could spell the slow chipping away from the nice, quick, and free browsers we’ve got used to.

That’s certainly the darkest timeline outcome— after all, some individuals are more than ready to pay for extensions, and is it a paid internet browser with premium characteristics that are integrated into all that different?


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Paid subscription for Mozilla Firefox is on its way, Tech chums