Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac supports Direct X Via Apple’s Metal graphics API for one and all

The popular visualization software for Mac, Parallels Desktop 15 is now made available for the current users as well as the new users. The DirectX is a supported section of the flagship feature in virtual Windows Machine through the Apple’s Metal graphics API feature. Not only limited to it, the software includes new macOS Catalina-related features and improvement to transitions between Mac and Windows running on the same machine. 

A report by Ars Technica mentions that,

“When we wrote about Parallels Desktop 14 around this time last year, we asked about Metal support. The application then still relied entirely on OpenGL in macOS, and Apple had already announced that continued support for OpenGL would end. We were told it was coming, and we were not misled: the new version of Parallels Desktop now supports DirectX 9, 10, and 11 via Metal. Previously, DirectX 9 and 10 were supported via OpenGL and DirectX 11 was not supported at all. Parallels’ rep noted to us that Metal and DirectX work best in Catalina.”

Apple’s new macOS Catalina software for Macs have launched the mentioned fall and the Parallel desktop 15 has been made to support certain major features of the new release. Parallels account can be authenticated with Sign In with Apple account. Catalina will also facilitate the usage of an external display by the side of Mac through the new sidecar feature. This becomes operational for Windows as well as macOS applications where Apple pencil is also supported both the ways. 

The otherwise supported features include Bluetooth low energy support and ability to drag items from macOS Photos or Safari to Windows According to the reporters,

“But one of the recurring themes we noticed during a presentation of the new software by Parallels was improvements to how Coherence mode works.”

Parallels 15 requires macOS 10.15 Mojave in order to function and it can be picked up for $99.99. There are more feature-rich versions that are included in the $99/year Business and Pro subscriptions, too. There’s a 14-day free trial for anyone who wants to take the app for a spin first.

Coherence facilitates a “seamless movement” between Windows and macOS apps; which has been reported to put Windows apps in macOS windows, which are also conditioned to display macOS-like behaviors, a place in tac’s dock, and so on. Sometimes, this might create confusion for users unfamiliar with it, so many user-friendly aspects have also been taken care of by Coherence.

Additional as a provision, highlighted in the report, Parallels Desktop 15 Pro and Business editions will now provide for a Virtual Platform Trusted Module, which is “new virtual machine hardware to VM configuration required by Windows to enable additional security features.”

Ottawa-based Corel acquired Bellevue, Washington-based Parallels in December which included in its frame the WinZip, CorelDraw, PaintShop Pro, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, and numerous other software products. This is probably the first major Parallels release since the acquisition. 


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Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac supports Direct X Via Apple’s Metal graphics API for one and all, Tech chums