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PES 2020 Vs FIFA 2020: Which One You Should Buy

pes 2020 vs fifa 2020, PES 2020 Vs FIFA 2020: Which One You Should Buy, Tech chums

Confused between PES 2020 vs FIFA 2020? Both football simulation games are the true rivals of each other just like Xbox One and PS4 and it is not easy to decide whether you should go for PES 2020 or for FIFA 2020. Being a football video game lover I know it is pretty tough to take the purchasing decision for the 2020 season. Though the Konami’s PES and Electronic Art’s Fifa both are solid there are certain features that differentiate them. To help you out we reviewed both titles and gathered all the differences to decide which is good to buy between PES 2020 vs FIFA 2020.

pes 2020 vs fifa 2020, PES 2020 Vs FIFA 2020: Which One You Should Buy, Tech chums
PES 2020 or FIFA 2020: Which game worth to buy

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PES 2020 vs FIFA 2020: Which is best

The football war between the two titles is running from more than 10 years and I think it is unstoppable. There are various things to consider before choosing the right football video game for you. Let’s check out the key aspects of both games and decide the winner:


The gameplay is king and if you agree with this statement then PES 2020 is for you.

In terms of gameplay FIFA 19 was considered the worst game in the series because of the imbalance between attack and defense, terrible ball physics, difficult moves, and long shots. FIFA 20 has to improve its gameplay and I know how far it is.

On the other hand, PES 2020 is ahead in terms of gameplay. PES 2020 offers you a premium league game feel and the game really values tactics and planning.

Although both games have an issue with their AI defenders PES 2020 wins the race in terms of gameplay.


Both Football franchises trying to upgrade the visuals of their game so that you get a more detailed look. But when we compared both giants then PES 2020 is the clear winner in terms of graphics.

Although EA continuously making small changes in the visuals of the game still they are far behind in the race. A very little progress is noticed in graphics since the game has launched.

Whereas the PES series has shown remarkable progress in the look of the game. Their face-mapping technology, beautiful pitch, and whole new camera angle offer the users the feeling of true football broadcast.


Slightly lacking in terms of graphics but FIFA 2020 is ahead when we discuss the game content. One of the major changes in FIFA’s content is VOLTA, a spin on street football. Besides Volta, there is much more to explore in FIFA 20 including Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and UEFA Champions League.

Better online system, and the innovative division system and much more to observe in the game that makes the FIFA 2020 best choice for football lovers.

Though PES 2020 has upgraded a little bit when compared with the previous version, with the whole new interface to the Master League and easy to use Menu, still there is a long way to go. PES series need to focus on some new modes also along with the improvement in the existing ones.

So between PES 2020 vs FIFA 2020, FIFA 2020 offers better game content.

Licenses – who acquire the better teams?

Another aspect that leads to FIFA 2020 in the battle of the best Football simulation game is License. In fact, it is the long-running battle between Konami and Electronic Arts and when Konami has lost its hold on the Premium League then the FIFA 2020 got a huge rise. Champion League now in the grasp of FIFA 2020 and that is the biggest loss of the PES series.

But when PES acquired the exclusive rights to Juventus, the game came back in the competition again. Or you can say it is the small compensation to the huge loss.

Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Manchester United are the few specific licenses of PES 2020 but I think to convince the FIFA 2020 fans these are not enough.

So, undoubtedly FIFA 2020 is also leading in this category.

PES 2020 vs FIFA 2020 closing thoughts – who is the winner?

Both Football franchises are polishing and upgrading their gameplay, game content, and licenses but when we overview the notable aspects then we find that PES 2020 is not much efficient to threaten FIFA’s hold in the football gaming industry.

Lack of licenses, effective game modes but improved graphics and gameplay help the PES 2020 to exist in the race.

If you want to enjoy smooth graphics and effective gameplay then PES 2020 is the game for you. Otherwise, you know very well the efficiency of FIFA 2020.

It’s your turn now to choose the one and also let us know below in the comment section.

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