People Are Moving Towards Piracy During the Pandemic As Per MUSO

piracy during the pandemic, People Are Moving Towards Piracy During the Pandemic As Per MUSO, Tech chums
  • Because of COVID-19, there is a huge spike in movie piracy and according to MUSO (piracy Tracking Firm) piracy rate has grown by 50% during the lockdown.
  • The countries that are badly affected by Coronavirus show a higher rate of piracy than other countries.
  • Not only movie piracy but also MUSO found the surge in the rate of downloading cracked software as people are working from home.

The whole world is under the threat of Cornovirus and because of this deadly virus people have to stay indoors. And one of the best ways to vanish boredom during quarantine is to stream movies and shows but a wide array of people don’t want to spend their hard-earned bucks for entertaining themselves. Moreover, we are getting unemployed and it is tough to expand savings on entertainment stuff. So people are moving to piracy instead of watching movies and other stuff via legal platforms. When compared the March stats with February there was a 50% hike in the piracy.

Actually a huge group of people doesn’t aware of the fact that it is illegal to watch copyrighted content without spending money. Rest not able to pay bills to the legal streaming platforms and some have a habit of piracy. There are multiple reasons behind the surge in piracy during the pandemic but because of this illegal practice Movie industry has to face a great loss.

MUSO said in a statement “This unprecedented increase in visits to online film piracy sites in the last week of March reveals that as more countries enforced lockdowns and required citizens to self-isolate, demand for content via piracy grew exponentially”.

Piracy Surges during Pandemic

piracy during the pandemic, People Are Moving Towards Piracy During the Pandemic As Per MUSO, Tech chums

Apart from piracy in entertainment people used to switch to cracked software who are working from home during the quarantine. People are seeking new career opportunities in this tough time and it is hard for them to buy expensive tools so they are rushing to cracked versions. But is it appropriate to download such software and watch pirated stuff?

No, it is not advisable to switch to pirated sites or tools to save a few bucks as it can put you in trouble. When you navigate to a torrent site to stream free content then there are higher chances of getting malware in your system. Besides torrents or other illegal platforms, you can move to free platforms that are totally legal to stream and don’t promote piracy. Also, there are several software companies that are offering a free trial and other exclusive discounts during COVID-19 so go for them.

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