Sony Announced Playstation 5 Dual Sense Controller

Sony is really conservative about showing off the features of the upcoming gaming console but finally, Sony has revealed PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller along with incredible features. The dual sense controller is totally different in terms of design and features from the DualShock controllers. Both controllers are the part of PS family but you can say it is the greatest leap of Sony in terms of a console controller.

Sony PlayStation’s Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino confirmed that the PS5 console controller has named as Dual Sense. The upcoming controller will come with the mouth-watering features for PS5 players and the console will arrive later in this year.

If you are looking for the key features of the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller then here is a quick rundown of amazing features as per the sources:

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller Key Features

  • Adaptive triggers to offer a new level of immersion
  • Haptic feedback
  • Integrated Microphone
  • USB-C Port
  • New Tone colour scheme
  • Lightbar next to the touchpad
  • Rounded shape
  • Rechargeable battery
  • New “Create” button

Sony’s upcoming controller is coming with great changes from inside and outside too. Haptic feedback along with adaptive triggers will adjust the resistance of the triggers for various gameplay effects. An integrated microphone with a USB-C port will definitely steal your attention. Indeed the two-tone color scheme and the rounded shape will differentiate the controller from the previous ones.

With the new “Create” button players can share the gaming content with others and further details Sony will reveal on the front closer to the launch.

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What will be the cost of Playstation 5 Dual Sense Controller?

Well, Sony is planning to give you a whole new controller with incredible features but the biggest question is what will be the price. Will the attractive features of the controller raise the price? It is really tough to consider what will be the cost because the price of the upcoming console is still under folds. Nevertheless, many analysts are predicting that the cost of the upcoming Sony’s console will be higher than the previous one. So we can expect the same in terms of controller.

As the Dual Sense controller is coming with a range of new features so we can assume that it would range somewhere between $70 to $80. The price will slightly higher than the Dual Shock controller.

Also, there are chances the price of the upcoming controller would be the same as the Dual Shock and the minimum range of the controller would be $60 to $65.


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Sony Announced Playstation 5 Dual Sense Controller, Tech chums