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Pokemon Go Promo Codes: Raid passes, Incense, Pokeballs

Pokemon Go Promo Codes, Pokemon Go Promo Codes: Raid passes, Incense, Pokeballs, Tech chums

Hey Pokemon Go players! Do you know Verizon Is Giving Pokemon Go Promo Codes For Free Raid Passes, Incense, And PokeBalls? If you do not know yet, read the following news or if you know then grab those Promo codes.

Ever since the lockdown has started, the game’s developers have started offering many advantages to its users. Verizon is not only offering Pokemon Go Promo codes but also giving codes of other games as well like Robux for Roblox, free access to sago mini-applications for kids, etc.

Pokemon Go has been releasing its new updates every 15 days and ease down the game to a certain level that players can easily play the game sitting at home. Niantic has made significant changes to the game like in-door exercises and social bar. And all of this, now Verizon is distributing coupons. This is really good news for hard-core fans of Pokemon Go.

To claim code, you need to make an account on Verizon. For this, you need to visit the Verizon website, make an account, log in to your account and then claim your code. Now you might be playing on Android or iOS.  If you’re on Android, you can input that code in-game. If you’re in iOS, you will need to signup here and link the account.

After this, you can redeem points and get two incense, two premium battle passes, and 65 Pokeballs. In the game, you can 1 pokeballs occasionally, but here you are getting more!

So, friends, Niantic is doing everything for you to play the game. If you love to play Pokemon Go, then play as you want to be. Get poke coins very easily, eggs are now hatching in half time.

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