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How to Reduce Lag on Roblox: Improve Roblox lag, Errors and Issues

Want to reduce lag on Roblox to speed up your play? Despite the fact that Roblox is one of the most popular games we can’t deny the existence of lags and issues that occur while playing Roblox. People from around the world facing so many issues including connection errors, slow speed, and many more and Roblox gives the fix for most of the major issues. Sometimes these Roblox lags occur because of operating systems and an internet connection and to solve out them we are here with our comprehensive guide on how to reduce Roblox lag.

The initial thing I want to clear before getting into the solutions to decrease Roblox lag is that you can’t fix such issues permanently. As I said above if the operating system and internet connectivity responsible for them then there will be fluctuation with the time. Don’t worry folks, here are the best fixes to reduce lag on Roblox to boost up your gaming experience on Roblox.

How to reduce lag on Roblox?

Here are the best troubleshoot to fasten your gaming experience on Roblox:

Decrease graphics quality in Roblox

When you lower the graphics quality then you encounter the poor quality images and visuals but as your PC has to work less for Roblox, you get faster gaming experience. Here are the steps to reduce graphics quality.

First of all, navigate to and from the home page launch a game.

After launching the game you will notice a Green play button just right of the game, click on it.

In the upper left corner of the game screen, you will find three horizontal lines, click on them or press ESC.

You will get the menu displayed and from the menu you have to click on “Settings“.

Now Setting menu is open on your screen and you have to set Graphics mode to manual. If Graphics mode is set to “Automatic” then the Roblox optimizes the quality of graphics as per your computer whereas with “Manual” you can set by yourself.

Its time to reduce the graphics quality and to lower it you need to click on minus sign (-).

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Upgrade your internet connection

Roblox is played online and to get a leg free Roblox experience you need a stable internet connection. If issues occur due to slow internet connection then you need to execute these steps:

  • Unplug your modem or router then plug back. After a few minutes restart your router to get lag-free internet connectivity.
  • If so many application are running in the background while you are playing Roblox then it can slow down Roblox. Close all the running apps and try to play again.
  • Switch to a wired connection to get upgraded internet connectivity.
  • Roblox lag can occur if your router or modem is too old. Buy a new router and get faster internet speed.

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Upgrade your PC components

Many of our users asking how to reduce log on Roblox on PC and one of the best fix for it to improve the specs of PC:

  • AMD Radeon R7 240 with 2GB GPU and more as your graphics card is recommended to play Roblox. If you own a PC older than 5 years then its time to install a new graphics card.
  • Install a new processor to run Roblox smoothly.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM is required to play Roblox and if you have less then you need to add more RAM to your system.

Delete the textures on Windows

For boosting up the Roblox speed you need to delete the textures on windows and here is how:

From the Start menu launch Run first.

Now type %appdata% in the given rectangular bar and hit the enter button.

Its time to click on “Appdata” located at the top in the address bar.

In the Appdata folder, double click on “Local” folder.

A list of folders will appear on your PC screen and you have to double click on “Roblox“.

Launch the “Versions” folder by double-clicking on it.

Now you will locate the folder “Version” with a specific number, open it.

Next, you find the “PlatformContent” folder, open it by double-clicking.

After it open up the “PC” folder.

Tap on the “Textures” folder.

Under the Texture folder, you will notice so many folders including “studs” and “wangIndex“. Delete all the folders except Studs and wanglndex.

Finally, clean up your Recycle Bin.

How to reduce lag on Roblox on smartphones?

As you know Roblox is played by millions of players and to play it on smartphones you need an upgraded device. Roblox chats leave a heavy load on your mobile phone so switch to a better smartphone to enjoy Roblox without any issue.

Just like PC, you can also lower graphics quality on your smartphone to get lag-free Roblox experience. To lower the graphics quality navigate to Settings and then Graphics mode section.

Bottom Lines

Finally, folks, you got the best solutions to reduce lag on Roblox PC and mobile. All the methods are 100% tested and after applying them you will a smooth and faster gaming experience.

You can lower graphics quality, upgrade your PC specs, upgrade internet connection, and delete the textures to decrease Roblox lags and issues. With every update of Roblox game, new bugs and issues will annoy you, don’t get upset try these fixes.

Don’t forget to share which of the fixes worked for you.

Have any other way to reduce lag on Roblox?

Let us know below in the comment box.


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How to Reduce Lag on Roblox: Improve Roblox lag, Errors and Issues, Tech chums