Roblox Hacked! Millions of user’s Data Compromised

Is Roblox Hacked? Really? The news has been running around the world like a fire in the jungle. But how? Who is responsible for such a security breach? Is it a software fault or it’s done intentionally? Is the user’s data in threat now?

If these questions are knocking your head then you are at the right place!

Roblox is a popular platform to customize and play games together with your friends. The Platform attracts generally Kids and teenagers lies between 9 to 18 years of age. So, it is very risky if someone has hacked the platform and stole important information.

Roblox hacked

A hacker bribed a customer care employee, and the customer care employee has leaked the information to the hacker and gave him backend details.

Vice proclaimed that the hacker was able to see people’s emails, remove two-factor authentication from accounts, and even change passwords. The hacker shared screenshots of the information they got access to, while also bragging about selling items.

One of the Roblox head employees has reported that “We immediately took action to address the issue and individually notified the very small amount of customers who were impacted. We’ve also reported the actions of this individual to HackerOne for investigation as an additional measure”.

Seemingly, the hacker was able to hook a Roblox worker under the guise of helping find a bug in the system, all to ‘prove a point’. As proof, they gave images to Vice showing the data they had access to. The incident didn’t do much damage, but there are some real concerns on which the platform needs to work too!

The platform is packed with a lot of players, there are over 15 million user-generated games on the platform with over 11 million daily users. All of the games are user-generated. The main concern is people have real money as well in the form of robux. As soon as the case is reported all the majorly affected players are reported and all the necessary legal actions are being taken again the bribed employee as well!

Stay Safe, play safe!

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Roblox Hacked! Millions of user’s Data Compromised, Tech chums