Can You Access Roblox on PS4 in 2020?

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Is Roblox coming to PS4? How can you download Roblox on PS4? If these questions are hovering in your mind then this guide will satisfy all your queries regarding Roblox PS4.

Roblox is one of the most popular online multiplayer games which is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift but if you own a PS4 then you would probably waiting to play it on PS4. Indeed Roblox is the user-generated platform where you can create your own game and play other’s creation. Because of the massive demand of Roblox on PS4, we decided to write this comprehensive guide so let’s check out whether Roblox is going to launch on PS4? How to play Roblox on Playstation 4?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is not a game itself but also an online gaming platform that allows you to create your own game, customize your character, trade gaming items, and play Millions of games that are user-generated. Via the Roblox studio players can shape up their imagination and showcase it in front of other players. In order to buy different gaming items you need Robux (Roblox virtual currency) and to get Robux you have to spend your real money. But you can also get Robux for free.

Can you play Roblox on PS4?

Since the launch, Roblox created a huge buzz among the players and the most attention-grabbing moment was when Roblox launched for Xbox One, not for PS4. The biggest question is why developers didn’t launch Roblox for PS4? Will Roblox be available for PS4 or not?

There may be several reasons behind the unavailability of Roblox on Playstation 4 but the major reasons as per our research are:

  • The initial reason is that Roblox has signed a contract with Xbox One. Because of the deal, Roblox developers couldn’t launch Roblox on PS4.
  • Secondly, PS4 is not ready to own Roblox. We can’t say exactly what are the reasons that pushing behind Sony to launch Roblox on their platform but the poor interface, chat features don’t support on Xbox One may be the real reason.

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When will Roblox launch on PS4? Roblox PS4 release date

Millions of players worldwide are waiting for Roblox on Playstation 4 and that’s the reason there are different rumors and assumptions about the release date of Roblox PS4. Developers didn’t announce any official release date yet but it is confirmed that they are working on Roblox PS4 and soon it will reach to PS4.

Thus it is still an assumption not confirmed when will Roblox come to PS4. Folks, you have to take patience to enjoy the world’s most popular online multiplayer game on your Playstation 4.


Many PS4 users tried to play Roblox on Playstation 4 and for it, they searched for Roblox via PS4 and signed in for the game. But when they processed further they encountered a message “Your current platform is not supported”. So don’t waste your time accessing Roblox on PS4 and wait until the game would be available officially.

Play Roblox on PC, smartphones, Xbox One, and so on, and whenever the game will come to PS4 then give a hand on Sony’s device too.

We will update the Roblox PS4 release date here so stay tuned to get updated with the latest information.

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