Up to Date List of Roblox RoCitizens Codes 2020 (100% Working)

roblox rocitizens codes,roblox rocitizens codes 2020, Up to Date List of Roblox RoCitizens Codes 2020 (100% Working), Tech chums

Searching for 100% active Roblox RoCitizens codes? If, yes then you are lucky to land here as we have gathered all the working and valid RoCitizens codes to unlock different items and cash is a quick way. Also, we will discuss how to redeem Roblox Rocitizens codes 2020 to gain exciting items and the virtual currency of the game.

Roblox is one of the best online multiplayer platforms where you can create your own game and play other’s games. Rocitizens is a renowned title among Roblox games with over 300 Million views. Citizens is the virtual currency of the game and in order to earn it you need to execute several tasks. You can also purchase them with your real money but why need to burn your pocket when you can get them with Rocitizens codes.

To save your bucks here is the compiled list of Roblox RoCitizens codes. Along with citizens (virtual currency), you can get several gaming items that are needed to progress in the game.

Note: The Internet is overwhelmed with thousands of Rocitizen codes but here we have collected the codes that are shared by the creators of Rocitizen. You can use a specific code for once only and try to redeem the code before they get expired.

Roblox Promo codes list 2020

Roblox RoCitizens Codes 2020 (Active Codes)

Check out the list of working Rocitizens codes with their rewards:

  • 500million – Get $5000 with this code
  • Rocitizens5th – Earn $5000 with this code
  • Rainyday – It will give you $3500 to buy different items
  • nomoredelays – Grab $5000 in-game cash with this one
  • 20valentine – Get $4000 and a furniture item
  • Cornerpocket – Claim a pool table with this code to design your game
  • easteregg – earn $13,337
  • discordance – Earn $3500 and Discord trophy
  • SweetTweets – Get $2500 and Twitter trophy
  • easteregg – $1337
  • letsdosomelaundry – $5000
  • rosebud – $3000
  • Xmasbonus – Get $1500 in-game currency instantly
  • untimely – This one will save your $12000
  • luckyduck – Grab $3500 with this code
  • youwishyouhadafish – earn $1500
  • code – $10

Some more active RoCitizens codes

  • coldhardcash – $3500
  • alittlesomething – redeem for $4000
  • makeitrain – Get $4500
  • onfleek – $6000 for this code
  • truefriend – Earn $4000
  • luckyduck – Get $3500 for this code
  • ihaveafish – earn $1000

Expired Roblox Rocitizens codes

  • rocitizens5th –  earn $5,000
  • onfleek – $6,000
  • nomoredelays – earn $5,000
  • easteregg – earn $1,337
  • makeitrain – $4,500
  • rosebud – $3,000
  • jobzncarz – $1,500
  • supdatember –$4,000
  • cantthinkofcodenames – $2,000
  • ilovefirebrand1 – $4,000
  • xmasbonus – $1,500
  • bugsareannoying – $2,500
  • gimmegimmegimme – $750
  • allthemoola – $1,000
  • canigetahottub – earn a free Hot Tub
  • cornerpocket – earn a free Pool Table
  • ggpd – $10,000
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty –claim a Sovereignty Computer

How to redeem Rocitizens codes?

If you have never used Rocitizen codes then you need assistance to redeem them. Here are the instructions you need to follow in order to redeem Rocitizens codes:

  • Locate the Green colored “Shop” button on your screen and click.
  • After it clicks on the “Twitter” icon.
  • A new screen will open up and in the area that reads “Enter code”, enter the code that you have copied from the above list.

roblox rocitizens codes,roblox rocitizens codes 2020, Up to Date List of Roblox RoCitizens Codes 2020 (100% Working), Tech chums

  • Finally hit the “Enter” button.

Here is a video to understand in-depth:

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Final Note

Ready to claim your reward after redeeming these codes? I know folks you are going impatience so hurry up and use these latest Rocitizens codes to earn various in-game items and cash as well. We will update our list whenever new codes will be available so stay tuned for all the latest gaming codes.

After availing the free cash and other rewards with these codes don’t forget to share your feedback via the comment box.

Thank you!

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