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Roblox vs Minecraft: Detailed Comparison Between the Crafting Giants

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Confused between Roblox vs Minecraft? Of course, you are and your confusion is genuine because both games have created a huge buzz in the gaming market. It is pretty tough to consider which is better Roblox or Minecraft. To clear up your doubts we are here with a sneak peek of both games so that you can decide whether you should go for Minecraft or choose Roblox.

In September 2006 Roblox has launched and after 3 Years in May 2009, Minecraft reached in the gaming era. Since the launch date, all the two gaming giants grabbed the almost equal love of gamers because of similar features. Both games help you to upgrade your creativity, connect with other online players, and also provide their support at the time of any complexity. But still, there are so many aspects which differentiate them from each other and we have gathered all the differences to help you to decide which one is perfect for you.

Let’s go through the post and check the specialties of Roblox and Minecraft so that you can select one without any illusion.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Detailed Comparison

Both games give you a chance to build your own imaginative era and you can spend plenty of hours without boring but what are the elements that differentiate them. Here are they:

Roblox vs Minecraft: Ideal for

When you entered the imaginative world of Minecraft you need to create your castle with the given blocks and fight with dangerous monsters to exist in the game. In a nutshell, Minecraft is a block-building game where you have to build several items with available resources and the game is suitable for 8+ age groups.

Whereas Roblox allows its users to create their own game with the help of coding. Not only game creation but also one can enjoy other players’ games on Roblox. Character customization, trade items, and lots more feature available on Roblox which make it ideal for 10+ age groups.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Platforms support

One of the most notable differences between the crafting giants is platform support. Minecraft is ahead in this term and available for Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Like Minecraft, Roblox was initially launched for PCs and after it arrives on smartphones and Xbox One. But still, the game is not available on PS4 and many of our users are asking when will Roblox arrive on PS4?

Roblox vs Minecraft: Pricing

Pricing is the most important factor before switching to any game platform. Minecraft’s initial price is $26 and Roblox is available to play free. In the beginning, you can play Roblox for free but as time passes you need premium customization items in order to look cool, create your game, purchase gears, etc. You have to purchase Robux (Virtual currency of Roblox) with your real money to proceed in the Roblox. Means all depends on you whether you are okay with the free version or want to level up by spending money.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Ease to play

No one likes complex games that’s the reason behind the popularity of Temple Run like games. This is totally off topic but I just want to clear that how important simplicity is. All the two titles have their unique challenges but the thing that separates them is instruction.

When things come in terms of instructions Roblox offers various tutorials, Wiki, and online support but in Minecraft, you have to learn via experience. There is a lack of instructions from the game developers but you can learn from other players’ Youtube videos.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Privacy features

The chief priority of every player is to remain safe while playing online games so how can we forget privacy concerns while comparing the two hugely popular games.

Minecraft offers you both multiplayer and Solo game modes and most of the players used to play on a solo mode. On the other hand, Roblox is a user-generated platform where you have to interact with other players and things become critical in terms of kids. Since Minecraft is played with friends and on a solo mode so it is safer than Roblox.

To ensure the safety of your kids Roblox has made some significant changes such as parental controls, human moderators, etc but still, you have to keep a track on your kid’s activities if he/she is playing Roblox on a public server.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Learning aspects

Currently, the technology exists in every walk of life so kids should be Tech-savvy and games are the best ways to become techy. In terms of learning and creativity enhancement both games almost doing the same. Minecraft is based on Java and Roblox associated with Lua language and when young minds start playing these games they adopt the technology automatically.

All the two upgrade your kids’ reasoning power, problem-solving attitude, and maths skills as well. So Roblox and Minecraft are the best games in terms of learning and creativity aspects.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Comparison at a glance

Platform Support: Minecraft supports more platforms than Roblox so the winner is Minecraft

Pricing: Minecraft is costlier than Roblox and on the other hand Roblox is a freemium game and Minecraft is paid so here Roblox is the clear winner.

Ease to play: Both games have different levels of difficulty but Roblox provides numerous tutorials, wiki, and online support to understand but Minecraft doesn’t so Roblox is also ahead here.

Privacy aspects: Minecraft can be played on Both Solo and Multiplayer mode but Roblox is the user-generated platform and so Minecraft is good in terms of safety aspects.

Learning and creativity: Roblox and Minecraft both strengthen the creativity of kids so there is a tie.


I hope you understood which is better between Roblox and Minecraft and after reading the post you would reach on a conclusion.

But all have different views and if you are not agree with me then please feel free to share your thoughts about Roblox and Minecraft via the comment section.

In case of any query also utilize the comment box to put your query in.

Thank you!

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