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Roblox Wonder Woman Event – Complete Guide

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There is a piece of good news for Roblox lovers !! Roblox Wonder Woman Event is active now !!

This event is a continuous celebration of the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman 1984 movie that will be releasing in October 2020. Roblox has teamed up with DC to bring you an all-new way to explore their incredible universe of characters, stories, and locations—starting with one of their most iconic Super Heroes, Wonder Woman!

The event began on June 25, 2020, and Its End date is not disclosed yet. If Sources have to be believed, Then reports are coming to that state that Roblox Wonder Woman Event will be a permanent addition to Roblox and will be a permanent mate for gamers.

What is Roblox Wonder Woman Event?

The Themyscira Experience is a Roblox event which is sponsored by the upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984 which is set to release in October 2020. For this, an exclusive game is created on Roblox which will be featuring many locations and themes just like Wonder Woman Series.

The sole purpose of the game is to just explore and feature a large world-in game. Here you have to complete the quests and in return, you will be getting Gold. Of course, not the Real Gold !!

This Gold will help the players to buy 5 items from Avatar Shop. Out of these 5 Items, 3  Avatar Shop items can be bought via Robux.

So, Isn’t it exciting news for Roblox lovers? 

Also when you head towards paradise island of Themyscira, The chances are brighter that you can earn brand new cosmetics in the brand new Wonder Woman x Roblox collaboration!! (Roblox Wonder Woman Event)

 Quests in Roblox Wonder Woman Event

The DC universe is coming to Roblox as part of an all-new series of immersive experiences where you’ll be able to play, watch exclusive videos, and interact with your favorite brands like never before.

  • Initial quests can lead you to get that 20 Gold each.
  • You’ll also find other NPCs across the island willing to give you quests.
  • These quests will give you a lot more gold!

list of Quests:-

Discover the Main Temple

When you enter the Island, You will see a boat on the right side. This is one of the easiest and ultimate quest. Just head towards the bridge and then after entering the island palace, which is the place of Wonder Woman, you will be alerted by a prompt stating that  “You have Completed the Quest” and that’s it.

Don’t forget to hit on “Collect on Quest” to get the worthy rewards.

Sail the Seas

If you look at the right of the map, You will come across a boat and docking site. This is your next destination helper. But to get the quest hidden there, you have to talk to Faruka. After that, You will get a boat and your journey will start. If in the Quest, You ever want to come back, Then Don’t worry, You just have to Go at the bottom of your screen and click on the arrow button and that will lead you back to your Island.

Open the Secret Door

If you go upstairs from the palace, You will see an Amazon Guard. And You will be asked to answer the question: ” How to open Secret Door?”. After that, You have to opt between two blocks on your screen. You have to pick any one block and keep it close to the pads near the Amazon Guard. Then Few simple Puzzles will come to your way. Answer these puzzles and reach the Final pad that is on top of the rock area away from where the door is.

Lost McGuffin

After completing Open the Secret Door Mission, You will arrive at Lost McGuffin. Here you have to go to the palace again and in the surroundings of the palace, you will have a glimpse of many small buildings. One of these small buildings will open your door to the Harp – for that you were waiting so long.

Discover The Oracle’s Temple

  • Move towards the right direction of upstairs.
  • You will see the Floating Building.
  • Run up the building quickly.
  • And You are done !!

Open Portal Oracle

  • After having a sneak peek in Oracle’s Temple, head towards the left direction.
  • You will get a quest waiting for you here.
  • Have an immediate talk with Philippus and move ahead.
  • Complete your quest.

Discover the Armory

  • To reach The Armory you just have to redirect across  The Oracle’s Temple.
  • Move towards Justairs in the upward direction.
  • Enter into the building after the waterfall that has M – Agrippa – Fecit.
  • Quickly Go inside the building now and you will arrive at The Armory.

Here we have mentioned Top 8 Easiest Quests to complete and to get complete access of Roblox Wonder Woman Event, But that’s not enough, Certainly, there are many quests introduced to make the game a thriller one and it will surely keep you hooked with it as you will invest more and more hours in it.

Not satisfied with this much quests?? Don’t worry just keep scrolling the article and you will get a complete list of Quests here.

Check Out Other Quests of Roblox Wonder Woman Event here:-

  • Get Your Sword
  • Reach the Mountain Top
  • Top of The World Quest
  • Complete Waterfall jump Quest
  • Hidden Beach & Amazon Warrior Camp
  • Break the wall
  • Go on Camping
  • Play Amazon Beach Game
  • Kill Corrupted Rats (Surely a bonus for the players: As You can repeat this quest multiple times to receive more gold)
  • Lost Amulet

Do Complete the Quests in the same order as listed here if you want to complete all quests in One-Go.

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Fun Facts of  Roblox Wonder Woman Event 2020

  • It is the first event since Egg Hunt 2012 which is offering paid prizes.
  • On Completing all quests The player will get 900 Gold which is never seen before in any edition.
  • The main glitch in Roblox Wonder Woman Event observed so far is that You couldn’t jump or skip Rat Quest.

Criticism on Roblox Wonder Woman Event

Possible Reasons :

  • This event has been criticized for offering paid (Robux) prizes.
  • Only one repeatable quest. (Rat Quest)
  •  A very large map and many missions to complete.
  • The game is also not available on mobile devices

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Final Words 

In a nutshell, many gamers have found the Roblox wonder woman event very time-consuming. Some players complained that the game crashes on lower-ended devices. Some quests seem to be unbeatable as it can be seen in the cave quest where the player has to break the walls. When you throw cubes at the wall, the cubes will break and will despawn.

Overall, Roblox Wonder Woman Event will take you to the joyous ride where you have to deal with endless quests but definitely will be a complete buffer of entertainment for you.

So Readers, What are you waiting for? Start Questing Roblox Wonder Woman Event and Do let us know your experiences in the Comment Section.

 Thank you 🙂

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