Samsung announces the new Galaxy Tab S6.

Samsung will not quit on the Android Tablet manufacturing as per the announcement made by it regarding Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the latest tablet by the company priced at $649.

The tablet has attractive features like 10.5 inch 2560×1600 OLED display, 7040mAh battery, 2.84 GHz Snapdragon 855, 13 MP main camera and 5MP wide-angle lens, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity, though a higher model of 8GB RAM and 256GB storage is also available in the alternative. 

The tablet for the first time has featured an on-screen fingerprint sensor. It has an optical reader instead of ultrasonic tech that the general trend of Samsung tablets has covered. The S6 will not include space for headphone jack akin to Apple which also provides insight on the upcoming devices like Note 10 of Samsung which will also stick to the trend in the coming sets. 

An S-pen comes along with the tablet but it doesn’t get slid into the body due to lack of special room for it. It will instead attach to the body by magnetic attraction to the groove on the back of the tablet. After the attachment of the pen, tablet finds it hard to sit on a flat surface properly. 

The S-pen adds specificity to the technical trend by incorporating Bluetooth functionalities and battery system. It can additionally function as a remote shutter button for the tablet. The Air action mode will enable users to work with the camera and gallery using the pen flicks.

“A new-and-improved version of Samsung DeX is also packed into the Galaxy Tab S6, enabling you to seamlessly transition to a PC-like experience, so you can easily multitask and optimize your viewing experience. With a DeX function key added to the Galaxy Tab S6’s new dedicated Book Cover Keyboard, you can launch and close DeX with the tap of a key. The keyboard has been fine-tuned for better functionality, including an S Pen holder, free-angle stand, touchpad, and new function keys.”

The company stated in their official blog

The company posts. The new “Book Cover Keyboard” is for $180 that you can attach to pogo-pins on the bottom of the tablet. This cover features a keyboard and trackpad and will launch a “new and improved” version of Dex, Samsung’s desktop interface. The cover doesn’t just go around the back of the tablet; there’s a spot that covers the pen, too. There’s a hinge just below the pen lump, so you can pull back the cover away from the tablet and still get to the pen.

It has been impressive to see that company as reputable as Samsung is sticking to the Tablet business whereas bugger enterprises like Google have given up the manufacturing practice. 


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Samsung announces the new Galaxy Tab S6., Tech chums