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Samsung DeX will have a new platform to serve the Chicago police.

, Samsung DeX will have a new platform to serve the Chicago police., Tech chums
Source: Samsung

Samsung introduced us to extremely unique news in its sphere. In a press release, Samsung informed that the Chicago police force is recently undertaking a test of a pilot program with a DeX in Vehicle solution that is a product of Samsung.

The solution allows a Samsung smartphone to be used by an officer for accessing dispatch and other police systems, as well as completing reports and background checks from a car.

Samsung’s DeX platform has emerged as a clever way to use a smartphone on a larger platform’ being perceived as always a solution in search of a problem. 

A post released by Samsung reports its a perfect use case for DeX — police cars in the city of Chicago. The usage of this DeX solution from Samsung will provide the Chicago police force an apparently looking lower cost update to the seemingly outdated in-car computer systems.

Dex will also empower them with a few more useful features such as attaching photos and videos to reports.

As noted by Eddie Johnson, superintendent of the CPD, “nearly half” of officers are already using department-issued Samsung smartphones, further reducing costs. This move could be seen emerging into the incorporation of more advanced technologies by the police department in a few years from now.

The report further mentions that

“The pilot we are announcing today will pair these phones with the Samsung DeX in Vehicle solution. The idea is to give officers everything they need to process a scene or respond to an incident in the palm of their hand.” 

Few amongst the previous studies commissioned by Samsung found that departments could save over “15% in year one savings and more than 32% in annual savings thereafter.”

The mobile-first initiative, being announced at a press conference on August 21, puts forth the larger aim to

“leverage the power of officer smartphones to streamline in-vehicle computing access”.

Officers who will be participating in the pilot system check will be seen able to access computer-aided dispatch and other Chicago Police Department systems to conduct as per intention-background checks and complete reports.

Photo and video evidence captured on the smartphone can also be immediately accessed to attach to reports wherever necessary.

The initial pilot will roll out for CPD’s 11th district. All eyes and ears are eager to get more implementational news regarding this announcement which is to be noted in the pilot.

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