Samsung Galaxy Fold soon to get launched in September

There is lastly some nice news after three excruciating months for Samsung’s foldable department. Samsung has formally announced that the Galaxy Fold will be formally released in September, which saw numerous delays in its release owing to design faults.

Samsung explains that the design addressing the design flaws in the original product has made some significant changes. Moreover, it adds that to validate the design, the phone was put through’ rigorous tests.’ The South Korean giant describes the main adjustments made to the design of the phone in an official release. 

The fact that reviewers assumed that just another screen protector was the protective layer turned out to be quite a problem for the phone. 

Removing the layer would break the screen, leaving a dead screen in days for many reviewers. Another significant fault was the accumulation of debris around the character that would break the screen again, making the foldable useless.

There are not many noticeable changes in the fresh model esthetically. The business seems to be confident, however, that these modifications are sufficient to justify a business launch.

The Galaxy Fold maintains the same price tag as before, $1980, and it will announce a precise release date as it nears the launch.

What Samsung did to the protective polymer film of the Fold is the first significant distinction. The edges of the film previously extended to the bottom of the screen (as seen in the image below), but there was still a tiny gap between the film and the bezel around the display of the Fold. 

Unfortunately, some Samsung Galaxy Fold units were harmed when reviewers removed that polymer layer because early review units arrived in a box that did not contain a warning label telling customers not to peel off the polymer film. 

So one large change on the revamped Galaxy Fold is that its protective polymer layer now covers the whole screen, with the edges of the film resting under the bezels of the phone, away from any possible prying fingers.


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Samsung Galaxy Fold soon to get launched in September, Tech chums