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Samsung’s 5G S10 will arrive next week in Sprint

, Samsung’s 5G S10 will arrive next week in Sprint, Tech chums
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Starting on June 21st, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be available on Sprint’s 5G network, with preorders opening today. The 5G network was introduced in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City last month and will arrive in the coming weeks in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington, DC. Full coverage information can be found on Sprint’s 5G site. As the first 5G devices from Sprint, the Galaxy S10 5G joins the LG V50 and HTC 5G hub.

Sprint announced in a press release, according to the report, that on June 21 it will officially begin selling the Galaxy S10 5G. This will be the third 5G device of the carrier, following the LG V50 and HTC 5G Hub footsteps.

At Mobile World Congress in February, we got a chance to use the S10 5G back, and while 5G’s potential is thrilling, there’s a lot of other cool things going on with the phone too. Its 6.7-inch screen is huge, the extra time-of-flight camera sensor on the back enables a live bokeh impact when recording video, and the 4,500 mAh battery should make this one of the undisputed Android battery champions.

Initially, in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City, Sprint will only sell the Galaxy S10 5G — markets that were upgraded to Sprint’s 5G network in May. The S10 5G expands to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. in the weeks that follow.

The 5G lineup for Sprint is growing. Launching its network in four cities last month, on June 21, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier announced it would start carrying the Galaxy S10 5G. The 5G phone of Samsung joins the LG V50 ThinQ 5G phone and the home hotspot HTC 5G Hub in the 5G stable of the carrier.

Unlike AT&T, which announced this week that it would start selling the S10 5G on June 17 to business customers, Sprint will make the S10 5G accessible to regular consumers. But with the 256 GB phone costing $1,300, it won’t be inexpensive. Preorders start today on the website of Sprint.

It also needs a subscription to the highest-level Unlimited Premium scheme from Sprint, which begins at $80 a month for a single line but involves a subscription to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Tidal.

Currently in Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, Sprint’s 5G service lives. The firm has earlier announced that it intends to launch the next-generation network in the “coming weeks” in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, and Washington.

Sprint’s 5G network wasn’t the first to launch in the US for customers, nor did it hit the gigabit download speeds Verizon’s network is capable of, but when we tried it for ourselves we discovered it provided far more coherent speeds and wider coverage than its rival. It was able to penetrate houses, unlike Verizon’s network, meaning that we could actually profit from its quicker speeds while working in a coffee shop.

A release for the Galaxy S10 5G on June 21 is a little later than the launch of AT&T on June 17th. The phone will be accessible to everyone on Sprint, however, and not just company clients or developers. The 5G handset from Samsung has been available from mid-May on Verizon’s 5G network.

Preorders for the latest 5G phone from Sprint are available from today on the website of Sprint. The phone is accessible on the $80 unlimited scheme from Sprint, which also contains Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Tidal subscriptions.


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