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San Francisco’s government just banned facial recognition.

In a first, The San Francisco government has now blocked the usage of facial-recognition technology for official purposes. The city’s Board of Supervisors approved the anti-surveillance ordinance on Tuesday which has this as anFra action under it. It was passed with 8 out of 11 votes.

This technology is being increasingly used. From schools, corporates to the police department, this tech comes in extremely handy. Using it, the police could identify specific individuals from live video feeds, the recorded footage or still photos. It has been made possible by what the tech industry calls it, deep learning which builds complex neural networks of data and keeps training itself to get better at the task thrown.

The rule has an exception for the San Francisco International Airport and the Port of the city. Corporates and other organizations are, however, not restricted from using this, say for personal or security purposes.

In a statement to CNN Business, the Supervisor, Aaron Peskin, told “We all support good policing but none of us want to live in a police state,” According to him, facial technology is too invasive in our lives and thus we should not use it.

Also, some AI researchers and civil right groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have been advocating for this rule. According to them, the poor accuracy and bias in the system are concerning. Slowly, the States are addressing facial and biometric authentication methods. Illinois has a law that makes company gan for explicit content for their biometric data and Oakland might also just ban the entire thing

According to Frank Noto, president of Stop Crime SF, which is a group focused on crime prevention, calls this rule overall necessary and helpful but there is a scope for improvement. He surely believes that current facial tech has issues but also believes that banning it altogether isn’t a wise choice either as there are numerous instances in which it is actually helpful.


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San Francisco’s government just banned facial recognition., Tech chums