Spotify Lite App gets a successful launch.

After a year of being held in the beta version, the Spotify Lite App has been released on Android. This App will function on a weak or patchy network connection to provide customers from various device ports with The best of Music Streaming Service.

Per Tech Crunch, The App requires 10Mb for getting downloaded and works on Android 4.3 or newer. This is clear that people with old Android devices or devices with low storage capacities can now enjoy Spotify. 

The app will provide a feature to set the data limit which will warn you when you will be about to cross the limit. This will also remove the data burden from music lovers. Spotify is currently the World’s most popular music streaming App in competition to which Apple has released its Apple Music App. This app has no initials of getting released on iOS which was quite obvious to predict on. So probably the major chunk of people enjoying the Lite app will be Android users only. 

The App has taken down 10 percent of the main app features from the Lite app which includes the video and cover artist. This is notably not a huge change since we can only see the marginal and extravagant features having removed from the Lite app while retaining every important feature in it. The streaming will be in compressed format but there will be no compromise on the quality of the music as promised by a Spotify official. 

The app has been downloaded 1 million times since the time it has been made available over the Play Store. This is an expected move by Spotify to increase its customer base by attracting the old population and the ones who have restrictions in data, storage, and device versions to enjoy the main app. Apple Music is also putting hurdles in the competition since it has 60 million subscribers in a short span of its release. It is a matter of fact that Android users are greater in number than iOS users but in order to stay ahead in the competition, Spotify has to keep improving the numbers. The company currently claims 217 million users, of which 100 million are paying customers.

Commercials for the Apps were released on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to enlighten people on the privilege they are getting through the Spotify Lite App. The App has been launched in 36 countries but the target has mainly set up on India where the Lite App has become available on June, a few months from February when the full service was made available to all.   


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Spotify Lite App gets a successful launch., Tech chums