Sudden shut down of Google’s Nest app for Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches

A shocking shut down for the Apple Watch Nest app. Ultimately, Google has decided to shut down its Apple Watch Nest app. It is believed that the owners of the Nest app can no longer regulate the temperature control and operating mode of the device straight from their wrist.

For both Apple Watch and the company’s own OS platform, Google has chosen to totally scrap its Nest app. The Nest smartwatch app provided a fast way to adjust the target temperature. But now, when opened, it merely shows a message “Nest is no longer supported on Wear OS” and tells clients to uninstall it.

The reason for the complete disappearance of the watch app by Google is much simple. According to the Google, the watch applications were used by “only a small number of people,” thus, Nest has decided to concentrate on creating its mobile app and Google Assistant features for Wear OS-only. 

The Nest app is further joining a long line of high-profile Apple Watch applications that over the past two years have encountered their demise. Starting in 2017, Twitter, Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay all quietly removed their Apple Watch applications from the App Store after they seemed to have concluded that their ongoing development was no longer worth the effort as not enough people used them.

But if you are thinking about what to do with your smartwatches with the Nest mobile app on Android and iOS, you can still just take out your phone and do the same stuff (and more). Nest smartphone app notifications will continue to appear on your watch. Moreover, anyone with a Wear OS watch can use Google Assistant to use their voice to control Nest phones.

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Sudden shut down of Google’s Nest app for Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches, Tech chums