The FBI arrested Paige Thompson, a woman from Seattle on charges of misuse and Capital One fraud

A hacker got access to over 100 million customer records and credit card requests in one of the largest ever information breaches this year.

In a news release on 29 July 2019, Capital One disclosed the large information infringement. The bank claims that the hacker does not appear to have used the robbed data for fraudulent reasons, but researchers are still looking into them.

The number of Social Security employees is also estimated at around 140,000. There are also risks for the bank figures of approximately 80,000 clients.

Thompson was detained in Seattle by FBI officials and was charged with computer-based fraud and abuse by the Federal government. The FBI claims Thompson seemed to praise the internet hack, which was helpful to guide her inquirers.

In addition to an unidentified number of people’s names, addresses, loan values, credit limits, balances and other information, according to the bank and the US Justice Department, Paige Thompson has been charged with breaking into a Capital One server and accessing 140,000 social security numbers, 1 million Canadian Social Assurance numbers and 80,000 bank accounts.

In a declaration, the Virginia-based firm said that the violation influenced people applying for credit cards between 2005 and mid-2019. The FBI has recognized the suspicious woman who has broken into the scheme of the banking company. 

In Seattle, Paige Adele Thompson has been detained and bears a federal charge of fraud and violence in computers. Thompson also reportedly joyfully hacked the scheme on one of her social media sites, prompting officers to discover it fast.

The hack seems to be one of the biggest information violations that a financial services company has ever experienced. In 2017, Equifax, the lending firm, revealed that hackers robbed 147 million people’s private data.

Last week, this violation achieved a resolution of $700 million with US authorities. Capital One said that the hack is anticipated to benefit the business in the close future between $100 million and $150 million.

In announcing the infringement, Capital One stressed that there were no compromised credit card numbers or log-in credentials, nor did the vast majority of the Social Security numbers on the applications affected.

The accused can be apprehended so rapidly in a significant hacking event, and in this situation, it’s obviously because of internet boast.


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The FBI arrested Paige Thompson, a woman from Seattle on charges of misuse and Capital One fraud, Tech chums