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The New Samsung Galaxy Fold has a problem but it might not be as adverse as it may seem.

, The New Samsung Galaxy Fold has a problem but it might not be as adverse as it may seem., Tech chums
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the shelves on April 26. After the carriers, T-Mobile and AT&T announced their partnership with Samsung on its new device, the hype for this device has increased exponentially. Samsung, however, has already sent the early units to reviewers and journalists but the initial feedback was not quite pleasant. Apparently, the new Fold has a problem but it might not be as adverse as it seems to be.

There were numerous reports of the units failing. It seems that the new Galaxy Fold comes with a thin protective layer which is crucial for maintaining the display’s integrity. However, it seemed like an ordinary screen protector which most users remove it immediately and with no warning anywhere, that’s exactly what happened.

After removing the film, users noticed that the screen started to flicker. It would then start to blackout completely and within a couple of hours, the display would be completely dead. But that’s not it. Some other users, who reportedly did not take off the film, noticed that a small bulge started to develop under the screen possibly due to some grit which ultimately resulted in the similar fate of the screen.

Samsung, however, has said that “We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.” Samsung has also promised that it will include this information in the boxes for the customers. But we are a little skeptical regarding that. Samsung must have already started fulfilling the pre-orders and we’ll have to find out if they do include this change. Moreover, the popular Youtuber and Tech Reviewer, Marques Brownlee noted that in spite of the warning, the protective film will eventually come off sooner than it may seem, ultimately killing the phone.

This is especially concerning after the infamous Galaxy Note 7 debacle where Samsung was forced to pull thousands of Note 7 off the shelves. It won’t be that big of a surprise if the Fold also ends up with the same fate. Neither we nor does the industry expect a first generation product to be absolutely perfect and the Fold is no exception to this. Samsung has already made headlines as their product is leaps ahead of its competition, especially Apple. Innovation and failure are not necessarily disjoint. For the past couple of years, the industry has remained stagnant. The screen keeps getting bigger and the talk was all about the screen to body ratio. But this was something different and it became the talk of the street for months after its announcement. They never intended it to be served in large volumes. It was a showcase of what the company is capable of producing. Most people would not even by the $1980 smartphone anyway. Thus the hype around the failure won’t hurt the brand image of Samsung that much even if it cancels the phone altogether.

Instead of a pure release, this seems more like a public beta test by Samsung. What’s crucial is that Samsung remains transparent with the audience, keep them updated on every step and assist them diligently for if it decides to launch the foldable phone anyway.

Currently, it seems that Samsung has no plans to delay the launch of the phone. More light on the subject will be shed once the consumer-ready version is available.

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