The Season X of Fortnite announced!

Fortnite season X has arrived. Though it is the 10th season on the go, it is pronounced as Letter ‘X’ and not ten. The interesting season has brought us many more cosmetics, emotes, themes and customizable character options along with it.

One of the biggest new additions is the big two-player mech suit called the Brute, which has been shown in the trailer to be providing players with some serious firepower and the ability to stomp through buildings and obstructions. There has been a new introduction to the game-changing vehicle by Fortnite Season X to enable the players on navigating and exploring brand new areas on the map as well as the rift zones that alter major points of interest in interesting new ways.

The seasonal changes to battle royale have been provided as well. There has been an introduction to the new $10 battle pass which will obviously allow the users to take up new cosmetic grades but the significance of it, other than or let’s say unique than the Battle Pass Challenge is obscure. The blog post states the Battle Pass’ addition of missions: “unlock rewards by completing a series of thematic objectives that will send you on adventures across the Island.” sounds pretty interesting but we will wait to witness the whole content unlocked and then issue comments or criticism.

Daily challenges have been replaced by Limited-Time missions as a part of the classification, Epic representative on the Fortnite Reddit explained that “the replacement for Dailies and… will count for all past Challenges requiring dailies and will not require the Battle Pass.”

 Epic’s senior PR rep Nick Chester added that

“As part of the Limited-Time Mission, a new objective will unlock daily at 9 AM Eastern. Players will have a week to complete these objectives. They will then be replaced by a new set of Limited Time Mission objectives. All players now have 70 unique objectives to complete over the course of the season, and can expect free events throughout the season with additional rewards.”

Nick Chester

Critics as well as the players hi we’re enthusiastic about the season’s evaluation mention on the discussion about the mech in the YouTube comments under the new season’s trailer which is already full of concern that it’ll be overpowered and imbalance the game.

The players felt intrigued by the changing rules but however, this could be considered as a step to better gaming experience over streaming as well. The release is anticipated highly by professional gamers at this point of time.

source: Epic Games


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The Season X of Fortnite announced!, Tech chums