The Share and Open Menus of Android has become an advertising platform for Microsoft.

Advertising apps have become an internal part of every developer’s marketing strategy. Evidently, these advertisements also blow knowledge into our brain in terms of the new conveniences available to us. But how will you feel if these advertisements complicate your activities over mobile or desktop file sharing? Yes, an activity which is already a headache.

Such activity has been noticed by The Android Police to be happening on the Your Phone Companion App of Microsoft where various Microsoft apps, preferably those which are not installed in your device is shown in an option bar when you select over an action to share your files or use similar apps to open one. 

For instance, when you choose to open a presentation over your phone and you have Google Slides to open such files, Your phone companion App will show you an option to install MS PowerPoint. Where other Apps will directly open up the Slides app, this will not be the case with Microsoft Apps. 

More frequently the option to install OneDrive is getting highlighted in the Your Phone Companion App. The step is perceived essentially to be an alternative that Microsoft has implemented to balance the failure of the release of Windows Phone. Ever since the Windows Phone plan has been broken down, Microsoft has been aggressively making changes in the sector of personalized App which feel at home on Android.

The fix to this is one can choose to open files always with their installed apps. But the overshooting concern is still in place. The beta desktop version of Your Phone companion App’s counterpart had also received comments on taking down the feature yet as many people are downloading the app to stabilize their notification, the more the issue is getting outspread.  Microsoft apps installed on your device will insert a suggestion to open file formats like .pptx, .xlxs, and .docx in the corresponding app the company offers.

Most of the Microsoft apps are only suggesting a few options which are absolutely manageable but once Your Phone companion app is installed, there’s no rescue from the OneDrive advertisement over here and there. This popup is limited to Microsoft app on Android Q and has not yet been noticed to be happening on any other Application. Many believe that since Android Q is working towards channelizing the options and notification, this feature and advertisement might not hold on to it longer. 

Have you imagined how difficult the tasks on the device will be if other developers start adopting these unnecessary ads display to facilitate their growth? 


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The Share and Open Menus of Android has become an advertising platform for Microsoft., Tech chums