This Might Just be the New Sony PlayStation 5

Microsoft and Sony have both released incremental upgrades to their console lineups. But we still are yet to see a major and a proper successor. The current Xbox One X was a little increment over the previous generation and so was the Playstation 4 Pro. But we finally now have some information on what might be the New PlayStation 5. A true sequel indeed.

Sony hasn’t really called it “PlayStation 5”, instead they are just calling it as a “next-gen console”. Having a “next-gen console” means changing the fundamentals of that console. This means we are certainly going to see a change in the CPU and GPU. It is said that the new PS5 will be rocking an AMD Ryzen series CPU under the hood. This Ryzen processor is alike to the standard desktop ones available on the shelves, except it will be tuned for this console. It is based on AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture and made by a 7nm process.

As far as the GPU is concerned, it will most likely be based on AMD’s Navi GPU family. This might be the first ever console to support ray tracing. Ray tracing is a feature that was only used in movies before during VFX to produce lighting effects which mimicked the reality. In ray tracing, instead of the light just falling on the object, it actually bounces in all directions to produce realistic shadows and reflections. No console has ever witnessed this feature before and this “next-gen console” might be the first.

It’s no strange fact that as games develop, the size of those games keeps getting bigger. For a reference, the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 soared over a whopping 98 GB in files on the PS4. Loading the Game and even the menu was a very slow affair. Especially jumping from one part of the map to another took even minutes sometimes. That’s why we might see an SSD in this new console. Sony has offered external SSDs previously but they have claimed that this SSD is faster than any on the market. It even beats all the desktop ones.

Another stellar feature of this new console will be audio. This new AMD chip will output native surround sound and will make headphones as the standard. It will be working without any external hardware and will give a much more immersive experience.

This new console will, of course, have backward compatibility, thus letting you play your beloved PS4 games on this new console. Moreover, this console with be supporting 8K resolution natively but we’ll have to see how many games actually roll out natively on 4K first. It has been said that Sony is working with major game studios for developing content for its upcoming console. Moreover, they are working very hard so as to release the DevKits as soon as possible for other game developers.

Sony is also skipping the annual E3 conference this year. Thus, we should not expect anything out of them this year at least. Any releases will be coming in 2020 so hold your horses for those!


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