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How Tik Tok affecting Youth: Tik Tok Negative Impact On Young Generation

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One of the most trending apps among teens is Tik Tok. If your kid is also a fan of Tik Tok then the post worth reading. Being a parent there are lots of things to consider and today we will discuss the Tik Tok negative impact on young generation.

Tik Tok is a lip-syncing video maker app that allows you to choose the background music track and mix your day to day activities with the music track. Tik Tok is good if you create videos for fun only but a wide array of teens and kids are becoming addicted to Tik Tok and busy creating Tik Tok videos. Boys, girls, adults and even old aged people used to spend their valuable hours making Tik Tok videos. Creating videos is not bad at all but creating vulgar and violent videos can spoil your kid’s future. He/she can become an ill-mind person. So not to avoid Tik Tok’s bad impacts on Youth and to understand how Tik Tok affecting youth just scroll down.

Before describing the Tik Tok negative impact on young generation let’s check out what is Tik Tok and what makes it so addictive.

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What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a social media app where you can create 15 seconds short lip sync videos with the available background music. You can also watch other user’s videos on Tik Tok. Tik Tok is created for both Android and iOS users and like other social media platforms, you can make followers, follow others, comment and like other’s videos.

The app is created by the Bytedance and introduced in 2017. In a very short span of time, the Tik Tok secured its place in almost everyone’ smartphone. From funny to emotional you can create and upload every type of video on Tik Tok. Here are the few astonishing facts about Tik Tok:

  • In the US Tik Tok has 26.5 Million active users.
  • Tik Tok has beaten Instagram and Facebook in terms of downloads. As per the stats of Feb 2019, Tik Tok grabbed 1 Billion downloads.
  • 60% of Tik Tok users are between 16 to 24 (US)
  • Average spend time on Tik Tok is 52 minutes

What parents need to know about Tik Tok?

As you know Tik Tok is massively trending and the sole motive is to create and upload different videos. When someone signs in for Tik Tok then their profile remains ‘Public’ by default means anyone can watch what you uploaded. Apart from music and dancing videos, there are many themes which are suitable for 16+ age group and if your kid is under 16 and he/she is using those themes then what would happen!

If your kid’s account still public then there are higher chances that they will get messages from strangers. To ensure the security of your kid while using Tik Tok you need to keep an eye on:

  • Create your account on Tik Tok and follow your kid.
  • Check what type of videos he/she is watching and uploading.
  • Educate your kid to stay away from strangers.
  • Give counseling and advise to not to post negative and violent content on social media platforms that can spoil their reputation.

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Tik Tok Negative Impact On Young Generation

Because of the rising trend of Social media platforms, people are becoming less social in reality and more active on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. Even young mids losing their interest in studies and used to show off via Tik Tok and other social channels. It is good to connect with other people through social platforms but if you use them to get popularity then they may risky. And such type of apps is Tik Tok where kids and teens trying to attract other’s attention with their videos.

Here are the Tik Tok bad effects that should not be ignored:

  • If your kid of 13 then he/she can create an account on Tik Tok and start making and uploading videos. There is a separate section for kids under 13 where they can upload and watch only clean content but if they enter the false birth date then they can easily watch adult content. One of the most notable Tik Tok negative impact on young generation is exposure to adult stuff and strangers as well.
  • Tik Tok is the hub of endless videos and teens and kids are becoming addicted to Tik Tok. Teens forget their homework and other tasks and they prefer to watch Tik Tok videos. Addiction to Tik Tok is the most burning concern for parents.
  • Kids used to create videos as per the popular hashtags and on Tik Tok, there are several hashtags that are not suitable for younger kids. They create dangerous videos to show off their talent and I think such activities can put them in danger.
  • Another Tik Tok bad effect on teens is that they compare themselves with other users. When they find someone better than them then they depressed and lose their mental peace.
  • The online era is full of violators and Tik Tok is the best medium to spread violation. Via Tik Tok, any stranger can message your kid and talk to him/her virtually.

How to deal with Tik Tok negative impact on young generation I Solutions to decrease Tik Tok bad effects

Tik Tok is a really good app if it is used in the right way but for kids and teens, it is not safe at all. Above we have discussed how Tik Tok affecting youth but with few precautions, we can make it better:

  • Parents need to make their kid’s account “Private“.
  • Also, you can decide who can contact your younger one via the “Friends” setting.
  • The government should pass the effective laws to stop pornography and to delete all the adult content from social media apps including Tik Tok.
  • Turn on “Digital Wellbeing” features to fix the time spent and limit the appearance of inappropriate videos to make safe Tik Tok for your kids.
  • Use Family safety mode to link your account to your kid’s account and keep track on all their activities.


Tik Tok is one of the best platforms to post different videos including dance, funny, singing and many more. But videos that are full of vulgarity and violation can leave a negative effect on young minds. That’s the reason Tik Tok is risky for kids and teens and here we discussed the Tik Tok negative impact on young generation and solutions as well.

If your kid wants to use Tik Tok then you need to be alert and follow the certain instructions that we have described above. Monitor your kid’s activity and aware about the possible side effects of such apps.

Agree with me or not? Let me know below in the comment section. What are your views about Tik Tok? Should teens use it or not?

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