Twitch joins Amazon Prime Day for exclusive live streams and Giveaways.

Twitch, Amazon-owned game site will host a number of live-streamed events with a free content giveaway from Apex legends and EA sports games combined shopping show. This will kick off at the Amazon Prime Day with 2-days of streaming plans. This was officially acknowledged by Twitch at 10 am PT post an early Morning leak by AdWeek. Prime day will be celebrated on 15th and 16th of July.

Twitch has planned to organize the live streams on these shopping days through some popular game Streamers and celebrity athletes. The show is named “Twitch Sell out” for the deals that will be offered for sale during the streaming. The event will be organized in a scheduled time slot of 10am-10pm for both the days.

The favorite Twitch streamers will appear in the live stream, selling deals on gaming, electronics, wearables (gears), home appliances and even kitchenware to the viewers. Meanwhile, they will showcase demos and will play games to attract views. Viewers will be able to place orders for the deals through the stream and preorder items for themselves.

 Through the Blacksmith Extension that provides product links, the top Twitch creature will be able to co-stream and entertain or advice the viewers. 

Twitch has Prime subscription affiliated with the Amazon Prime will require members of EA sports to link their EA accounts to their Prime accounts during the stream to find an exciting range of exclusive character and weapon skin for Apex Legends, along with free content in EA sports titles.

Twitch will host The Twitch Prime Crown Cup Tournament on the 13th of July in Las Vegas and London, featuring Apex Legends and EA Sports Games. The two events will be worth witnessing. In London, Leticia Bufoni, a five-time X Games gold medalist street skateboarder, footballer Thierry Henry, Olympic Gold Medalist Sir Mo Farah will compete against each other in certain EA Sports Game. In Las Vegas, celebrity music producer Murda Beatz and DJ Dillion Francis will host the event and may appear in the competition. The events will stream on Twitch Prime’s Channel. 

In the Amazon history of QVC-style video shopping, this is not the first event. After a brief fashion-beauty show “Style Code Live”, that was canceled in spring 2017, Amazon launched a replacement in the form of Exclusive deals sale on a live platform for the first time, Twitch will associate with Amazon Prime in not just deals sale but also streaming and free giveaways.

Does this sound interesting to you when you learn, $119/year Prime subscription gives away $2000 free games and content?


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Twitch joins Amazon Prime Day for exclusive live streams and Giveaways., Tech chums