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How to Track a USPS package: USPS Tracking

Where is my USPS package: How to track my USPS Package?

USPS- United States Postal Services is a well-known name and it is one of the few government agencies that is explicitly authorized by the U.S States Constitution. Whether it is a matter of one or thousand packages, USPS is the first choice of people. Moreover, its boasting features like It has made the customers’ work much easier.

USPS Tracking provides quick apprehension to all the users about their shipment’s status. Your worries regarding “shipment” will be the talk of older times now. You will have a stress-free mind now as you are going to get all updated information with UPS Tracking.

USPS Tracking offers several reliable ways to track and provides convenient ways to stay informed of current status, unexpected delays, and ultimately the delivery of your shipment.

Where is my USPS package:

Here we will be sharing a complete breakdown of all the procedures involved in USPS Tracking from its package stage to the delivered stage.

1.Package Track by Reference

Whenever you create a shipment or courier something, You will be assigned a unique id or Reference with it which is also known as customer number or Purchase order number. This is the main thing that will keep you updated about the shipment details like ” where the package is at present”, “when you are going to receive it ” and that too with complete timing and date details with it. It is the most popular way to track shipments without entering Tracking Numbers.

2.  Tracking History

If you want to track your history then Don’t worry readers, You can almost view 75 of your recently tracked shipments and store up to 50 tracking numbers in the Tracking History. However, you can also add or modify a shipment description here quickly.

3. Package Tracking through Postal Service Tracking ID (PIC)

Another way to track your shipment is Postal Service Tracking ID. It is the number contained in the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. 

  • visit
  • enter your PIC number. This number is contained in the USPS barcode at the bottom of UPS Mail Innovations and UPS SurePost labels.

Track Your Package here.

4. SMS Tracking of Package

You can check out the status of your shipments by setting up USPS Tracking. For this, you have to select the service so that you can check out the status of Parcel with SMS. Follow these quick simple steps:-

  1. Enter in your search bar
  2. Enter your tracking into the tracking area, and select Track.
  3. You will get the Tracking Detail page
  4.  Select Request Status Updates.
  5. Add SMS notifications
  6. Select the type of notification, select SMS Text
  7.  Go to Add New Number and input your mobile number.
  8. Select the box to confirm that you
  9. Select the “Agree box” and Submit it.
  10. Then confirm your request from your mobile phone.
  11. After Confirmation, UPS will send you SMS text messages with your tracking status for the shipments which means SMS tracking service has been enabled on your device.
  12. This is How you can Track a USPS package.

While Checkout, If you are shipping your order to the U.S address which is not a P.O Box and want to send it through one of the cheapest and affordable modes, Then UPS Mail innovations are for you !!

These shipments are also delivered by USPS though it begins with UPS. If you are confused between UPS and USPS services then go through the article. Maybe it works for you.

What is the difference between UPS Package and USPS Package?

USPS is designed to ship smaller packages and mail quickly and cost-effectively, while UPS is intended for shipping larger parcels worldwide.

If you are having any troubles while tracking your order, Go through these quick easy steps. :-

UPS Mail Innovations

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to My Orders Tab
  • Enter your Tracking number (this number is received when the order ships) in UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Page and click on the Track Button.
  • You will get complete tracking details here.

 Mail Innovations is a trustworthy and economical method of delivery indeed.

A UPS Tracking Number is automatically assigned to each package. It is also known as  1Z number. From this Tracking number, you will get the entire details like  Package Details, Address Information, Scheduled Delivery, and Locations, etc.

UPS Tracking provides you various exciting tools that have made tracking and shipment much easier. You can have a view of your entire shipment details within a few clicks or settings. You can cleverly check where exactly your package is at present worldwide.

Track International Package ??

The USPS provides versatile levels of package tracking for international packages. It depends on various factors:

  • For Global Express: Guaranteed
  • Priority Mail Express International: using the Track & Confirm tool.

For more such information, Stay tuned !!

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