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Verizon has four new unlimited plans to choose from

, Verizon has four new unlimited plans to choose from, Tech chums
Source: TechCrunch

Verizon’s new phone plan consists of four “unlimited” packages, which, in conjunction with the Just Kids plans announced last month, can be mixed and matched according to your requirements starting in the amount of $70 per month for one line.

Start Unlimited is the cheapest scheme and includes “infinite” 4 G LTE information, unlimited speech and SMS allotments; 480p audio streaming “DVD quality” (which is not HD); Mexico and Canadian speak, SMS, and information, Verizon Up benefits, and Apple Music six-month subscriptions. Notably, the 4G LTE hotspot feature is not provided in this scheme.

Besides, you can add 5G system support for $10 per month to upgrade your plan, which will use unlimited 5G data and hotspot data, provided you have this 5G service in a place. 

The Play More unlimited streaming plan includes 720p 4 G streaming, 4K 5G streaming, and an Apple Music subscription. The Do More Unlimited program reduces your streaming to 480p and offers Apple Music for six months, but adds cloud storage of 500 GB and 50% off of a laptop or jet-pack attached.

The high-end features Get More Unlimited offering 720p LTE HD stream, 30 GB mobile hotspot storage and 75 GB “VIP information” LTE with endless access. 

Do more and play more Unlimited have lower price information allocation with no premium information available from Start Unlimited. Not at all embarrassing, okay?

You will want to be extra careful when you select your plan if you live in one of the lucky areas covered by 5G. The top three options now include free 5G access, but if you want access to the 5G Network, you will have to spend an additional $10 a month on the start unlimited scheme.

The fresh schemes will be launched on 5 August and while present Verizon clients can move to one of their fresh offers their present schemes may also be maintained.


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