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Walmart is the latest addition in the Digital Video streaming service competition.

, Walmart is the latest addition in the Digital Video streaming service competition., Tech chums

It seems like every other major player in the industry is stepping into the digital video streaming space. After Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and even Disney established themselves, Vudu by Walmart is also planning to stream for free with ads running on the service.

It plans to cast Evangeline Lilly, who plays the role of Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the murder mystery drama Albedo. This project would be Lilly’s return to the TV screen after 2010. Vudu has a number of other TV shows in work which it plans to release soon on its platform.

Walmart had started Vudu as a platform for buying and renting online movies and DVDs. It then expanded into streaming the shows for free but incorporating advertisements. Now, Vudu is stepping into making original TV shows thus competing directly against Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and others in this space.

Not only that, but Vudu also wants to feature the interactive video service like Netflix’s Black Mirror series which let spectators choose the kind of story they want. This engages the viewers more than normal TV shows do. Walmart has reportedly invested $250 million in a startup, Eko,  to make this possible.

Walmart, with the resources at its hands, might just be able to make it to the top of the digital streaming space. According to CNET, Walmart has said that the interactive content has been “designed to help families choose what to watch and how the stories they watch unfold. It will also partner with its own virtual- and augmented-reality startup Spatialand.”

Moreover, Vudu will be premiering Blue’s Clues by Nickelodeon before it ultimately airs on their channel itself. It’s a matter of time before we find out who becomes the true king of digital video streaming market.


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