Wasteland 3 Bugs and Crashes: How to Fix Common Wasteland 3 Issues

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Hey Wasteland 3 lovers,  Irritated with Wasteland 3 bugs? Do you want to fix Wasteland 3 issues? This quick guide will help you out to know Common Wasteland 3 bugs and all the possible fixes that may help you out in some quick steps.

Wasteland 3 is set in the freezing wastelands of a post-apocalyptic Colorado.

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Wasteland 3 is one of those popular games which is ruling over millions of hearts. Wasteland 3 is a squad-based role-playing video game featuring turn-based combat.  Wasteland 3 is being developed using the Unity game engine. Its previous 2 seasons got immense love from the players across the globe. But recently Wasteland 3 PC is facing few errors and glitches which can’t be ignored. Here I am listing some of the common Wasteland 3 bugs here, Check out them !!

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Common Wasteland 3 Bugs and Fixes 

While inXile entertainment is implementing fixes, we’ve put together a guide to known issues and how to avoid or report them.

  • The crashes at launch time
  • System Error -2143322101 appears again and again
  • Quest and character progress resetting in co-op
  • Camera bug
  • Black Screen bug
  • Very low FPS
  • Audio stutter not working properly
  • Unable to save the game
  • No Sound in Wasteland 3
  • Irregular functioning of the controller
  • Intro cutscene is not played again

System Error -2143322101 Fix

As you must know Wasteland 3 is also available on Xbox Game Pass on PC. But here one common wasteland 3 bug witnessed is the System Error. This usually happens at the time of launching of the game during the initial steps when you access it through the Xbox app. To fix this, follow these steps

  • Update all Xbox related apps on your PC as it will fix this error.  

How to fix Wasteland 3 bugs?

  • Open Windows Store
  • Hit a click on three dots  in the top-right bar of your screen
  • Go to the Download and Updates section
  • Quickly go for the Update of all Xbox related apps

And guess what, this will fix the Wasteland 3 bug of system error -2143322101 will be fixed.

Unable to save the game Fix 

Fix: Some antivirus programs block the game, So check their settings and you can set the antivirus program accordingly so it may not block the game programs.

This is how this error will be fixed.

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Intro cutscene is not played again Fix

Fix: This is one of the most common Wasteland 3 bugs. To fix Wasteland 3 bugs, you should restart the game session before starting the co-op mode. Restarting or refreshing sessions usually remove all the glitches. So most probably a quick restart will help you out.

Quest and character progress resetting in co-op Fix

Fix: For this, you just have to quickly disable all auto-saves settings in the game, And this will fix Wasteland 3 issues surely.

Camera bug Fix

The camera issue, particularly with edge scanning, is faced by a broad array of users during this initial release phase. Unfortunately, there is still no ‘fix’ for this problem but if you still want to try then you can try holding down your middle mouse button while looking to rotate it much more smoothly.

Black screen bug Fix :

  • Move to Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Choose Apps & features
  • Hit on Optional features
  • Now Add feature: Media Feature Pack
  • Restart your computer now

 Low FPS Fix

  • Installs new drivers for a video card.
  • Check the CPU and memory utilization in the Task Manager (opened by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE).
  • Go to the graphics settings in the game
  • Turn off anti-aliasing and try to lower the setting, responsible for post-processing
  • Many of them consume a lot of resources and switching them off will greatly enhance the performance, and not greatly affect the quality of the picture.

No sound in Wasteland 3 Fix

Check if the sound works in other programs. Then check to see if the sound is turned off in the settings of the game and whether there is a correct audio playback device selected, which is connected to your speakers or headset. After this check volumes in the system mixer, it can also be turned off there.

If you are using an external audio card – check for new drivers at the manufacturer’s website.

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Final Words :

This is all about Common Wasteland 3 bugs and How to Fix Wasteland 3 issues. The steps mentioned above will fix Wasteland 3 bugs and We hope this would help you out. Still, if have any queries? No issues, The comment section is all yours !! Go there and write out everything, We will love to hear from you and will try our best to assist you.

But don’t forget to share it with your play-mates too. Stay tuned with us for more such updates.