WhatsApp to get Dark Mode and Sticker Notifications

Facebook is working hard this year around. With major developments targetting its platforms, WhatsApp is about to receive perhaps the most awaited feature of all time. The Dark Mode.

It will be however available only on Android.

Also, according to this report, the company might also release the Sticker Notifications which they are currently testing.

Earlier, emojis was the maximum for notifications and if the user had sent a sticker, the notification would just say “Sticker”. In this update now, the full stickers will also be shown in the notifications. This feature will be also available on iOS. For Android, you can currently check out his feature in the beta version 2.19.130.

The company has released some new features lately which are enough to be excited about. Whatsapp has introduced biometric authentication which locks down the app to prevent any unauthorized access. This is already available on iOS with FaceID/TouchID while it’s still in beta for Android. It gives you the option of locking the app immediately after usage or after 1 or 10 or 30 minutes.

Just like on the Google App or the Gmail App, where links open in an in-app mini browser, Whatsapp will now also rock an in-app browser. Thus, instead of redirecting users to a different browser, the in-app browser will work directly.

Lastly, we had the group privacy controls which let you block unwanted people from adding you in groups. Hands down, the best feature so far.


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WhatsApp to get Dark Mode and Sticker Notifications, Tech chums