When will Coronavirus vaccine be prepared to cure to world?

Coronavirus vaccine, When will Coronavirus vaccine be prepared to cure to world?, Tech chums

How much time it will take to be ready for the Coronavirus vaccine? What kind of research, Scientist doing to fight against the pandemic? Will the Coronavirus vaccine tackle the pandemic?

There are so many questions regarding Coronavirus vaccine everyone looking to find answered But no one knows when the Coronavirus vaccine will get ready to cure the lakhs of people all around the world. I don’t think, there is anyone who is not aware of Corona pandemic, yes, Corona is one of the worst pandemics ever which is almost spread all over the world. All the European, African and Asian countries fighting with Corona.

Coronavirus History

Corona is a virus which comes from the Chinese City Wuhan, The Virus start to spread from Wuhan few months ago and not it it killing the people in every country. According to rumours, the Virus comes from the open meat market of China where you can find the meat of more than 112 animals. The Virus used to attack the immuning system of people and they start to suffer from cough and fever, The Disease is very dangerous and kill people easily, The people more than the age of 60 years are unable to fight with Corona and the no. of people dying due to Corona is quite high in aged people. People suffering from a disease like diabetes, Blood pressure and some others have fewer chances to survive if they got infected by Corona Virus.

Coronavirus vaccine, When will Coronavirus vaccine be prepared to cure to world?, Tech chums
How much time it will take to be ready for the Coronavirus vaccine?

Here are the Corona Virus-infected peoples data in the USA

The vaccine that is being tested in the U.S. is called mRNA (or messenger ribonucleic acid)-1273 and developed in partnership with the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and their collaborators at the biotechnology company Moderna, Inc. based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

What is the Coronavirus vaccine and how it will be prepared?

The Vaccine is the only way to control the disease and prevent people from this pandemic, The Vaccine helps the human to fight with the Virus by recognising the disease-causing agent. The Vaccine prepared the human body’s immuning systems to recognise the pathogen and kill them. If the scientist will prepare the vaccine successfully it will be a great achievement for the future. The Vaccine will also help us to fight against other life-threatening diseases like polio, influenza, meningitis, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, and certain types of cancers.

The vaccine can be made by using multiple ways like a Killed Vaccine, in which the Pathogen out of the body will be identified and killed by the chemicals. For example polio vaccine.

The 2nd way is the pathogen will not be killed by Chemicals, it will be weakened by genetic means. For Example oral polio vaccine.

When the COVID-19 Vaccine will be developed?

For now, we need the vaccine to fight against COVID-19, As per WHO, more the 40 multiple COVID-19 vaccines are under development. The vaccines include:

  • An inactivated vaccine, developed in China (Sinovac) using purified COVID-19 virus killed with formaldehyde (a chemical).
  • A live attenuated vaccine being developed by Codagenix which is a U.S.-based company in partnership with the Serum Institute of India (Pune), uses a genetically engineered COVID-19 virus that replicates very poorly.

There are many other vaccines are in progress using DNA, RNA, viral vector and subunit protein platforms.

How long does it take to develop a vaccine?

When it comes to exact timing to develop the vaccine for coronavirus, it can take more than years. First, the vaccine will be tested in laboratories, then the manufacturing process will be developed to make the vaccine which later will be tested in animals and humans, and finally for the market.

However the COVID-19 vaccine will be directly tested in humans but still, it can take more than 1 year to complete the clinical trials. Still, there are no fix chances the medicine will work or not. The mRNA-1273 and other 40 vaccines are under development, but the final result will take time.

How much does it cost to develop COVID-19 Vaccine?

If we talk about the cost of the Coronavirus vaccine, it takes millions of dollars to develop and test a vaccine. Currently, a COVID-19 Vaccine is in a trial called mRNA-1273 vaccine.

The vaccine is preparing by the Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) which is a non-profitable organisation. Apart from mRNA-1273, CEPI also working on 5 other COVID-19 vaccines, with an overall cost of $23.7 million.

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