Will Samsung Note 10 feature 12 GB RAM?

Samsung Electronics announced that it has started working on its new model of 2GB Low Power Double Data Rate 5 (LPDDR5) mobile DRAM. Standing up as the World’s Largest chipmaker, it will Pack eight chips into A 12 GB LP DDR5 DRAM and supply the new phones bearing flagship. 

A 12GB DRAM was introduced by Samsung in March which is an evolution of the Previous generation 12GB LPDDR4X. Samsung in a report in its newsroom site outlined what the chips have to offer and users can expect to see them in the upcoming smartphones by the company.

The new innovation will boost data rates of 5,500 Mbps which happens to be 1.3 times faster than the DRAM launched in March. It also consumes 30% less power as compared to the March one. The stability of 5G smartphones in filming HD videos and activating Artificial intelligence and machine learning features will be improved by the new chip inserted into the DRAM.

Samsung said sources that it will be enhancing the extent scale of production of LPDDR5 DRAM if the demand in the market rises. The production capacity will be further expanded at its Pyeongtaek fab.

For the past two years, the memory Semiconductor business of Samsung has been crucial to the profit of the organization but recently it has been turned down with an expected profit drop of 56% in the second quarter. 

Samsung has made its investment and development work on the chip business in double rates in the foresight to when the market recovers and the profit rates accelerate. With the increase in chip selling the loss incurred shall be covered up in the next few quarters. 

Samsung is also planning on shipping DRAN with 6,400 Mbps Data rates in the coming year to the market. Then further development will be done to 16GB LPDDR5 to increase its competence and chances of survival in the mobile business. 

The Samsung note 10 is on the way to release on August 7 and this is most probably getting powered by the 12GB DRAM. There a few weeks left to witness the innovation and how it functions better than the contemporaries.


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Will Samsung Note 10 feature 12 GB RAM?, Tech chums