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Will TikTok Shut Down in 2020? Rumors or Reality

TikTok Shut Down, Will TikTok Shut Down in 2020? Rumors or Reality, Tech chums

Will TikTok Shut down! Seriously!! I have heard such a piece of news, do you? The large fan following base is going down forever is really devastating. Scroll down to Know more.

TikTok is the most used app around the corners of the world and is the 7th most downloaded app from the top 10. TikTok is a pretty new app only, launches back in 2017 for Android and iOS devices. And You know what, TikTok has around 1 billion users worldwide. Amazing! So, what do you think? the platform who has gained huge popularity in very less time is going to shut down? Read the article below and gets all your answers.

Will TikTok Shut Down in 2020? What’s The Truth??

In the world of the internet, every day we come across a lot of rumors. Right? Yes! This is absolutely true that messages are circulating around the world that TikTok shut down soon but what’s the actual truth?

There is no Official news about TikTok shutting down and hence there is nothing to be worried about. But what’s the origin of the news?

TikTok negative impact on the young generation

US Army Step towards TikTok

US Navy has banned TikTok recently(a few weeks back) from government-issued mobile devices. The army soldiers are not allowed to use TikTok on government mobiles as it may cause cybersecurity threats.

It has been said by army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa shared the app is “is considered a cyber threat” and won’t be allowed “on government phones.” The army personnel can use the app on their personal phones without any issue.

Ever since the news has been coming out to the world, the rumors have evolved about TikTok shut down.

What has happened Two years back…

Two years back, in 2018, the rumors of shutting down ofTikTokhas prevailed over the world and made users sad.

After this rumor, the TikTok officials tweeted “TikTok is not going anywhere, any weekend plans?

After this tweet, people took a relaxed breathe and using the app since then.

Seeing its popularity, I think, TikTok is not going anywhere. So, until TikTok officials finally close the rumors, please consider that TikTok is alive and will be alive in the future as well.

Have a Good Day! Happy TikToking!

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