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Xbox One Won’t Update (Quick Fixes for Xbox One Update Errors)

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Are you trying to update Xbox and facing the issue “Xbox one won’t update“? Xbox one update error comes with different error messages but all means the same. This thing not only Spoil the time you keep for gaming but leaves you frustrating as well.

This is the common problem occurring these days and the users feel really devastating as they stuck with Blank screen or at Home screen. We have got so many queries in the past few days related to Xbox One update issues. So today I am here with this article contains “Quick Fixes for Xbox One Update Errors”.

Error messages you may Encounter

  1. Something went wrong
  2. There was a problem with the update
  3. Error codes like 800072xxx
  4. Error codes like Exxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
  5. Your Xbox is almost full
  6. Blank Screen while startup.
  7. Stuck at Home Screen with Xbox Logo.

** The last three digits of the error code may differ but that’s none of the concern as all means the same.

Fixes for “Xbox One Won’t Update”

guys, no single solution, no fixed solution! There are many ways that you may apply and get rid of those fussy errors. Here I am going to sharing 5-6 common ays that you may apply to solve any update issue.

Method 1: Reset your console: Xbox One

Resetting your device is the first and foremost optio that you may apply and it doesn’t mean factory reset. So while resetting you need not worry about data on the device. Follow the steps below to reset.

  1. Turn off the device and unplug the power.
  2. Wait for some time, approx 30 seconds to 1 minute and then Plug again.
  3. Press “Bind and “Eject together and hold.
  4. Press and release the Power button then
  5. You will get a startup sound.
  6. Wait till second startup sound and then release bind and eject buttons.
  7. Select “Reset Xbox” on the screen.
  8. Now Select “Keep games and apps” and continue.

This will reset your device.

Method 2: Restart device

If you stuck at Home Screen or Blank screen then I guess this option will work well.

Simply restart your device. Turn off the device and then Turn on again.

Method 3: Free Up Space: Clear System Cache

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. Go to Settings -> System Settings.
  3. Select Storage/ Memory.
  4. Hover mouse on the storage device, and then press Y  on your controller.
  5. Click on “Clear System Cache”.
  6. Press Confirm
  7. Then, Restart your console.

Method 4: Check the Network Connection

  1. Open the guide and press the Xbox button.
  2. Go to Settings -> All Settings.
  3. Select Network -> Network Settings.
  4. On the Network Settings screen, select the Test network connection. The test will then run automatically and let you know if there’s a problem with your connection.

Method 5: Offline Update

In cases, where an Xbox one fails to update due to issues like network problems and corrupted data, an offline update can get you going. If neither restarting or resetting help or if you have network issues, this will probably fix your problem.

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Final Words

Well, folks, these are some common solutions to solve Xbox One update errors. Try each one after another one and I am sure your Xbox One Won’t update issue will be fixed.

I hope you would like the article and found it beneficial. Share with your friends who are facing the same issues. Also, you can apply these methods anywhere, game update, console update but differently.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to share.

Thanks for reading. Share your feedback!

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