Xbox Promised the Press Conference with “Something New”

The Electronic Entertainment Expo this year is laid to start stuff off in just a few days, and while supporters are ready to bring in a number of data, theatres and businesses are ready to supply that data. With Sony getting off from the largest point of gaming this year, Microsoft and the Xbox brand will receive a ton of publicity. We already understand they’re going to have a ton of first-party games to demonstrate off during their press conference, but at this stage, when it gets to hardware, it’s guessing anyone. Seeing that Sony has disclosed some information about the PlayStation 5, many expect Microsoft to do the same for the next Xbox.

“Something fresh” will definitely be available, according to the latest tweet from the formal Xbox Twitter page. Unfortunately, their tweet is extremely ambiguous, abandoning it to supporters ‘ fantasy to imagine what might be on the agenda. “This year we’ve introduced something fresh to #XboxE3” is all the tweet that said, sending supporters into a panic.

Sony and Microsoft announced last month a fresh strategic gaming collaboration that will see the two traditionally sour competitors working together on direct-to-consumer amusement systems, AI alternatives, and, most importantly, fresh cloud-based gaming environments. Microsoft and Sony collaborated, not specifically their gaming branches. In reality, until it occurred, neither the gaming department realized so much about the agreement. It was, however, still an interesting announcement, one that caught many by surprise and may suggest that there might be more collaboration in the future between the two.

In addition, we understand that Microsoft will discuss its xCloud streaming platform earlier this year. It also suggested extending Xbox facilities to other systems, including Xbox Game Pass’s latest announcement on PC. 14 Xbox Studios matches are also scheduled to be shown, including some from its spate of fresh purchases. All in all, this could range from a startling relationship to fresh hardware or facilities. To be confident, we’re going to have to attend the Xbox E3 media meeting. That will start at 1 PMPT/4 PMET/9 PM BST on June 9th (6 AM AET on June 10th).


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Xbox Promised the Press Conference with “Something New”, Tech chums